Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's Wednesday

Well today has been a really busy day at work, which is nice because hopefully this will make the day go by fast…

I was videotaping Miss H last night playing with Weebleot, her Weeble’s castle. She’s learned to put the weebles in the very tiptop thing that spins around. It’s just a little plastic ring…hard to explain if you’ve never seen the castle. But I’m very proud that she now knows how to put the weeble in there and spin it around. She was doing that over and over last night, putting it in, spinning, and taking it out. Occasionally she would drop the weeble and say “uh oh!”… I thought it was all very cute and just had to tape it. Well I was about to stop taping and told her to tell the camera “bye bye” and she turned and waved at the camera. Then she crawled over to the couch…I thought she was going to continue tearing up a paper towel that she shredded earlier, so I stopped recording. She wasn’t going for the paper towel. She stood up, grabbed the arm of her coat, pulled it down to the floor, sat down and waved at me “bye bye”….she’s not even 10 months old, I am just amazed that she is this smart already! She’s changing into a little girl right before my eyes, and it’s the neatest thing I have ever witnessed. I was afraid she was going to get really upset that we weren’t actually going bye bye, and she did wave and wave at me and keep pointing at her coat for quite a while, but she didn’t throw a fit or anything thank goodness. She was very impatient to go bye bye this morning though. The girl loves going places!

Well I’m making an appointment for Saturday to get Miss H and my nephew’s pictures taken together. He’s about a month and a week or so younger than she is, my brother’s baby. We never get to see him. They live about 30 minutes away, which isn’t that far, but they hardly ever come in town and we are never able to drive out there either. But my brother is supposedly taking his fiancĂ© to Las Vegas this weekend to get married, so my dad and step mom are keeping baby S while they’re gone. She has wanted to get their pictures taken together for quite a while now, so we figured this would be a good opportunity. So now I have to find Miss H an outfit to wear. I have no idea what to put her in. I don’t especially love any of her outfits more than any of the rest. I’m taking her to their house Friday night so she can meet baby S before Saturday’s photos…hopefully they’ll get along. And hopefully the photos turn out well, I think they’ll be really cute if they do!

I got the bathroom set put in the bathroom last night except for the shower curtain. I need to dig that out and wash it tonight. I’m thinking of finding some cheap pictures of moons/stars or something for the walls. I’m making hubby hang up some pictures in the living room and Miss H’s room this weekend. We got these huge wall plaques for her room that say “dream” and “laugh” and still haven’t gotten them hung up. It takes forever for us to get anything done around that place. Here are pics of the wall plaques:

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well the pics are a bit too big to show all of them, but you get the idea...

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Ashley & Charles said...

Those are really cute! And you'll have to send me pics of the kids after they're done.