Friday, February 23, 2007

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Truffles....

My first thought upon waking up this morning was “Thank the LORD ALMIGHTY, it’s finally FRIDAY!!” I’m so ready for the weekend. One more day of work this week and I think I would go nuts.

I have to start my work day off every morning with a cup of this….

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I love the taste and it’s nice and hot and darn it if it doesn’t keep my system regulated better than any specialty product I have ever tried! Sorry if tmi… but, I just had to say, this stuff is great.

Well the time has finally come…I’ve been dreading this for a few weeks now. The weather has warmed up, and golf season is now upon us. I absolutely LOVE the spring, I love the warmer temps and everything…but I do not look forward to golf season. D didn’t get home until after 9:00 last night. Luckily for us he decided not to go to work so he could spend some time with us. But I had gotten so used to him getting home early, most nights before Miss H and I even got there, and being around all weekend…it was so nice! Now he’s back to practicing every daylight hour he’s not in school, and in a couple short weeks he’ll be off gallivanting around the US to tournament after tournament pretty much every weekend. This wouldn’t be such a huge issue, except he won’t get to see Miss H. He’ll only be here a few weekdays between tournaments, and he won’t be home before she goes to bed…so unless I keep her up past 10 every night on the days he’s in town, he won’t get to see her for a couple months straight pretty much. But that seriously cuts into her sleep since I still have to get her up at 7:30 every morning. And dangit, I’m going to miss him! He hates talking on the phone, so our conversations while he’s gone are so irritating. I want to sit and talk for a half hour about how each of our days went…I wanna know everything about his day, how he played, where they went to eat, what else they did…and he just wants to say “alright so I love you and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Men… By the time Miss H’s birthday rolls around he’ll be on one of his last couple tournaments, and I know the time will fly, but I also know getting through the next couple months without him will be a bit difficult. Another issue is that I can’t be home alone overnight…how silly is that!! But I just can’t. I watched too many scary movies growing up and I’ve seen too much crap on the news about murders and kidnappings and rapes etc. over the years, and that crap REALLY affects me, so I am basically a big ol’ scaredy cat and just cannot sleep at night without somebody there. So like a big baby I have to call and beg my sister or my mom to come stay the night with me every night he’s gone. And I know that takes a toll on my family as well. But we’ll get through it, and then only one more year of this before he graduates and we can be a “normal” family finally!

In other, completely un-related news, I feel the need to share my love of the truffles from this wonderful little candy store called The Candy Factory. I discovered their truffles right before my nephew was born in March of ’05. I took my sister in law a box of them while she was in the hospital after his birth. Let me just say that when I was pregnant I could finish a whole 15 piece box in a couple days flat. THEY ARE SO GOOD! Don’t they LOOK good?????

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They are NOTHING like those Russel Stover’s truffles, they are nothing like any other truffle I have ever eaten that you can buy around here. They are wonderful. Their flavor isn’t too strong…they are chocolately and the center is nice and smooth, not to runny or too cakey…just perfect…and the shell is a nice hard chocolate. It’s the perfect combo, I’m telling you. And I just found out you can buy them online…no longer do you have to venture to my semi-small city and brave the streets of downtown to try these things for yourself. They’re now available at the click of your mouse! If you are especially in love with these truffles you can also buy them in boxes of 24 or 32 online. In the store they also sell a box of 6. Which I might just have to treat myself to this weekend! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……
And let me just say this…I have never been a big fan of chocolate. Not til I found these truffles…and then I got pregnant…and it was all over after that…I admit it, I’m a huge truffle-aholic. Is that even a word? Works for me.

And I have yet more news, not very exciting to you probably but pretty darn exciting to me. I cooked the ginormous butternut squash last night that I had bought last week. I’m usually not one to go to all that trouble, especially when I’m so stinking tired like I have been lately. I had to cut this thing up into about 10 pieces just to get it to fit in the casserole dish, it was huge!! I cooked it for 30 minutes and it turned out perfectly if I do say so myself. As I was scooping out the squash goo to store in a handy Takalong container Miss H began attacking me as she usually does when I’m trying to do anything other than paying attention to her. So I plopped her back in her highchair and gave her a few bites. And lo and behold, she ATE them! No salt, no butter, just squash, cooked by me, not Gerber, not pureed, just a hunk ‘o squash! The girl ate it. I’m so proud. And glad that I didn’t go to all that extra effort for nothing.

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Ashley & Charles said...

I don't read for a few days and feel like I've totally missed out! Those chocolates look DAMN good.