Sunday, February 4, 2007

What a prepared for some bitching

So it's been kind of a crappy weekend. Friday afternoon I started to feel really crappy...really tired, very achy, nauseous...but I tried to shake it off and go to the mall with my sister anyway. We left Miss H at my dad's since it's so darn cold out and they wanted to spend some time with her anyway. I felt like crap the whole time we were sister could tell I was just getting worse so she made me eat some soup and then took me back to my dad's where I almost fell asleep with my head resting on their coffee table. I finally made it home before 10 and right after Miss H went to bed so did I. I had to get up with her at 8 the next day, and hubby got up at 11 and let me take a nap for a couple hours and I STILL felt like crap when I got up. My sister came over that afternoon and as the day went on I got more and more achy. I'm telling you I feel like an old lady, it's horrible. I don't necessarily feel sick, I just hurt all over and I'm exhuasted. So she didn't leave til 1:30 in the morning which is WAYYYYYY past my bedtime...I was passing out on the couch by the time she left. So hubby got up this morning with Miss H and let me sleep til 11:30...and I STILL was not ready to get up. This isn't like me. I mean yea I get tired, but not exhausted like this. I feel like stealing naps again here and there like I did when she was a tonight we were at my in-laws and I thought to myself hm I should really go lay on their bed and take a nap...and at my dad's the other night I thought the same thing, that I should go take a nap instead of go to the mall with my sister. And the hurting...what the heck is up with that. All my joints hurt and throb, and going out in this cold just makes it 10 times worse. By the end of the day I'm almost worthless. I told hubby tonight on the way home from the in-laws that I think I have arthritis. He just told me not to be silly. It runs in the family, how do I know I don't??? I'm probably just being paranoid. But I would like to know why I'm unusually sore lately. And have no appetite. And am exhausted. I'm not pregnant. I really don't think I'm sick. :o( I know I've complained a ton but I just can't help it. And then today hubby was a huge crab ass and I couldn't do anything right and he was just a huge turd all day. He isn't like this very often at all, so when he is having a bad day like he did today and being such a butt to me it really hurts my feelings...we bickered about stupid little crap all day. Not bad, but we were not lovey by any means. And to top it off my sister must finally be sick of me because she had told me to call her today and when I finally got her to answer she told me she was staying in bed all day. Ok...I called my SIL who I was supposed to do something with this weekend. She's cleaning, might see me later at the in-laws. Called my mom...she's going to her boyfriend's after work, even though I haven't seen her all weekend. Granted she hadn't seen her boyfriend either, but I was already feeling crappy so that just made it worse. Then, to top it off, as if all that wasn't enough...we get to the in-laws, after I haven't eaten a single thing ALL DAY and it's 6:00 pm....they'd ordered pizza. Sounded so good. I was starving. They walk in with the pizza...and it's ALL pepperoni. They know I can't eat pepperoni, it makes me really sick(I have stomach issues)....hubby says (remember he's pissy today) "JUST PICK IT OFF JEEZ".........ok he knows even the grease from pepperoni makes me sick, plus plain cheese pizza sucks I don't want that. His dad said "well last time I ordered half plain cheese nobody ate it"........I told him that's because I have never eaten plain cheese, I always eat canadian bacon--his mom doesn't like pepperoni either, she is the one that usually orders and she ALWAYS gets us a canadian bacon pizza...but she was at work. So anyway on the way home from work she stopped and got me a sub, which I thought was incredibly sweet of her. And she picked off the pepperoni and ate plain pizza. Talk about a sucky evening. :o( And it's almost midnight and I don't want to go to bed, I feel like I haven't gotten a weekend at all, I'm NOT ready to go back to work. I am really hating my dept. lately, and I'm so tired of not getting to spend much time with Miss H. Ok I've really gotta try to go lay down, I am aching so freaking bad...does anybody know why the hell I might be hurting like this?!?!?!

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