Wednesday, February 28, 2007


A huge turkey w/ the longest beard I have ever seen(on a live one) almost walked in front of my car this morning. I flipped out and put on the breaks and he just turned around slowly and sauntered back into the ditch. I see turkeys all the time, but it’s not every day that 1. I almost hit one w/ my car and 2. it’s got a freaking LONG ass beard! You could tell this guy thought he was a STUD. He did have very shiny pretty feathers, and dang what a long beard!

Well I found out yesterday at the dr. that I DO in fact have a sinus infection. And it looks like I have a lovely head cold on top of that. I got amox. so hopefully the infection will go away soon. I didn’t go to work yesterday and I slept off and on from 1 til 4:15 and felt even worse when I woke up than I did when I laid down. So that pretty much sucks, and I still feel like crap today too but had to come to work. My co-workers are telling me to just go home…but they don’t understand, it’s just not that simple.

Ok so it was another big night for Miss H. She demonstrated to me how she can now put her big plastic coins in the slot on her talking piggy bank. I was very proud! Also, while I was videotaping us rolling around on the floor, out of nowhere she just stood up. Again! She just stood there. On the tape you can see her chest and head only, so you can’t tell she’s standing except I’m yelling “oh my gosh look you’re standing up on your own, H you’re standing!” LOL And then she plopped down on her butt, and then stood up again and this time she bounced! She bent her knees and bounced up and down, while standing by herself. I was shocked! Again, you couldn’t really tell on the tape that she was standing by herself because I was so close to her, dangit! It’s so funny to see her just standing there all by herself! Now we’re just waiting for her to take steps…I think it’ll be a while, but it will be so neat and weird to see our little baby walking. Also I’ve noticed she’s really starting to mimic even more than she used to. For quite a few months now if another baby was crying she would fake cry. But now she’s even mimicking us. Last night D was being a butt while I was on the phone w/ him and Miss H was in her highchair eating. I hung up the phone and slammed it down on the kitchen counter and turned around, and Miss H made a mean face and slammed her hand down on the highchair tray. I burst out laughing. It’s hilarious to see her doing what I do like that, and it’s weird to think she actually understands enough of what we’re doing to mimic it now. Also I got really frustrated and cried a bit and she started making the pouty face and whimpering. She’s just too stinking smart and cute! She’s 10 and a half months old today, I cannot believe that in 1 month I’ll be starting to give her milk in a sippy cup. We’ve just switched her over to the Next Step formula now, and she’s doing ok. Not wanting to drink much because of her cold, but she’s doing ok. Oh I almost forgot. She’s really gotten into climbing these days…climbing over the back of her little rocking chair at my mom’s(which she likes to stand in and make it rock) to climb onto the couch…climbing into baskets, onto toys, etc. Last night after she got bored of climbing into her baby swing(one of those take-a-long swings that are really low to the ground, which she HATED as a baby but now has decided she LOVES) she wandered over and climbed up onto the plastic bin I keep in front of her crib(yes I am that short, I need a step to be able to put her in her crib at night) and she stood up and reached up over the bumper in her crib and put her pacifier over it into her crib. Then of course she wanted in there to get it. She’s also taken to throwing her toys out of the bathtub so she can stand there, point to them, and say “uh oh!”…then I put them back in the tub, and she throws them right back out again. “uh oh!” Over and over. She is babbling non stop these days, really seeming like she’s having conversations. It’s so cute! And now on top of pointing at something and asking “dat?” when she wants to know what it is, she will point at something she wants and say “uh uh eh eh eh” until I give whatever it is to her. Which so far has been working through trial and error…she points at a huge mass of stuffed animals and I give her one I think looks interesting and oh my goodness no that isn’t the right one, which I know because she starts to throw a fit and point again…eventually we get the right one, and all is ok with the world again. I’m loving this stage that she’s in, every day is an adventure with her doing something new.

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