Sunday, February 18, 2007

New developments

Miss H did a few new things this weekend. Saturday night we went to a pasta place and found out she can slurp pasta. I've always cut her noodles up for her, but she grabbed a handful before I was able to cut them into smaller pieces that night and she put her lips into a little O and sucked the noodle in! It was so cute. Today I realized she knows how to use a straw. We were sharing a banana milkshake after she rode the carousel for the first time at the mall today and she was actually sucking it through the straw. She's also getting more into her baby dolls. Tonight she picked up her baby doll and would put her pacifier up to the baby's mouth and make sucking sounds. Then I demonstrated how to burp a baby on your shoulder and handed it to her, and she put it up to her shoulder and patted it on the back. Also if you tell her to cover the baby with the blanket, she goes and lays the baby on the blanket. Close enough :o) I don't know if I mentioned already that she's learned to clap. She claps her right hand onto the back of her left hand. It's amazing how much she changes every week. When we went shopping today she insisted on browsing through the racks of clothes herself. I have to say we already have different tastes in clothes. LOL For one she likes orange which I HATE and the other clothes she grabbed I didn't really care for either. She also doesn't like baby shoes, she really wants "big girl" shoes that don't start until like a size 5. Today at the mall she wanted to get down on the floor like everybody else so bad, she didn't want to sit in her stroller. Eventually my mom and I had to each hold a hand and let her walk down a hallway (which is a long ways in our mall) before she got tired and wanted to be picked up again...she was walking barefoot too, she would NOT leave her shoes and socks on today no matter how hard we tried...she kept taking them off and pitching them across the floor. She's so awnry sometimes.

In other news, I finally did it. Today I got my hair chopped off! I was going to just get it cut to my shoulders and kind of layered around my face a bit like I normally do the one time a year that I get it cut(my hair grows REALLY fast) but she said if she cut off 10 inches I could send it to locks of love, so I said go for it. I don't really care about my hair anyway as long as it's not so long it's coming close to touching my butt like it was before I got it cut today. So it's about level with my chin now and layered a bit...she had to layer it more to even it up because they have to put it in a low pony tail and then cut that off for locks of love. I'm getting used to it, it'll take a while though. It does feel so much better to have all that hair gone though. And surprisingly D doesn't hate it, he said when I told him on the phone I got it chopped off he was really scared. But when he got home and saw it he said it's actually pretty cute and as the night went on I could tell he really does like it. So that's good. I'm just glad I finally got it done.

Ok now it's incredibly late and I am so tired I can barely think straight so I'm going to bed. D put a fast flow nipple in Miss H's bottle tonight so at 9:30 she sucked down her 8 oz. in a few minutes flat and I think it surprised her that it was gone so fast because she couldn't fall asleep after that for a while. I had to bring her back into the living room and play with her for a little bit before I could make her another bottle and put her to bed. This time we used a slow flow and she had enough time to wind down and get sleepy so when I laid her in her crib she just rolled over and fell asleep. After that I had to wait for the clothes in the washer to rinse, which they're done now, so I can put them in the dryer and go to bed. Wish it was still Saturday! I really don't feel like going to work tomorrow.

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