Thursday, February 15, 2007


The past two nights instead of waking Miss H up when we get home from the sitters(she almost always falls asleep in the car) I've put her in our bed and let her sleep. Last night D came home and laid down with her and when I went in later it was so cute, Miss H had rolled over and was cuddled up next to her daddy and they were both snoozing away. I finally woke her up about 7:40 because I knew she'd be starving. She stayed up a little later, til about 10:15. We did the same thing tonight, except this time I laid down with her and actually got like a 40 minute nap!!!! That never happens anymore!! I woke her up at almost 8 and she did perfectly, eating all her dinner(no baby food again, she's doing really well on that!--tonight it was rice/tuna/cheese/broccoli casserole, green beans and apple sauce) and taking a bath and playing some until she fussed a bit at about 10:15. I picked her up and she started waving bye bye. Her way of telling me she was ready for bed I guess!

In the tub tonight she was pointing to her ducks and says "duh, duh" and I would tell her "duck" emphasizing the K at the end and she actually said it perfectly a few times!

Ok off to bed...

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