Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hip Hop Harry??

Have any of you ever heard of the children’s videos called “Hip Hop Harry”??? My friend lets her little girls (ages 6 and 2) watch it. It’s kind of like a Barney deal, there’s a guy in a big mouse suit. The mouse is wearing baggy clothes and a gold chain around his neck etc…and the kids on the show are all dressed kind of “hip hop” or whatever, and they rap. Instead of singing the little songs about numbers or cows or whatever they sing on Barney, on this show they rap. I’m sure this is great for some people. And her kids love it. Her little 2 year old gets down there on the floor and shakes her little booty. They LOVE Hip Hop Harry. But Miss H will never watch it. My friend runs an in-home daycare, and the kids she watches watch it while they’re there. She wanted to watch Miss H, but for this and many other reasons I told her thanks but no thanks. What bothers me a little bit is that she didn’t even know about Hip Hop Harry…the way they found out about it, is her girls were watching it at their sitter (before she quit working and started her own daycare). I asked Miss H’s sitter if she’d ever heard of it, and thank goodness she had the same reaction I did, that she wouldn’t want her kids watching it. There isn’t even a TV in her daycare room though anyway. Ok here’s the website for this Hip Hop Harry thing… http://www.hiphopharry.com/

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Do any of you notice how they’ve got the little girl on the left posed, it makes her have all this cleavage!! Good lord….

Well I got a new bathroom set last night. I’m going for dark blue and yellow. I already had the dark blue shower curtain so I just added a couple accessories and I got yellow rugs and a few decorative hand towels. I got the cheapo stuff at Walmart, but I love it! I finally got a toilet seat cover, to match the rugs…so hopefully Miss H won’t chew on the toilet anymore BLEGH so gross.

So I just checked the weather and it’s supposed to get even warmer than I thought today! In the 40’s! I wish it would stay…but it’s supposed to get colder again the rest of this week. It looks like next week should be in the 30’s all week though, if they’re right, so that’s nice.

Ok so I just have to brag about Miss H for a little bit. Last night when I got to the sitters she was taking the balls from the ball pit and filling up the seat of some ride-on toy. The moment she saw me she got all excited, like she always does (makes me feel so loved!) and tried to rush over to me. I went and picked her up and right away she started waving bye bye to everybody in the room. Then she pointed across the room to her coat on the top of the bookshelf. And pointed and pointed, and waved bye bye. I walked over to the shelf and she grabbed her coat, and waved bye bye again. She’s so smart! She knows she has to put her coat on to go bye bye. I know this might seem silly to some people, but this is my little baby…and she’s growing up…she knows bye bye, and she knows putting her coat on means going bye bye and that just amazes me. Well this morning she was in the living room and I told her to go put her coat on so we could go bye bye. She got really excited and crawled into the dining room where her coat was on the floor, started poking at it and waving bye bye. She amazed me all over again.
I do have to mention something embarrassing that happened last night. We were in Walmart and Miss H was in the cart. We walked by a lady and she smiled at Miss H…and Miss H gave her the meanest look. Oh I felt so bad. The lady gave me a look like I was a bad mom or something. I can’t control who she likes! And she was being a little toot last night anyway, feeling sassy I guess. She INSISTED on holding onto the shopping list, which was fine except I needed to see it and she wouldn’t let me. And then eventually she tried eating it (why???) so I took it away from her, which of course made her yell at me. Then she kept saying “uh oh, uh oh!” over and over and we had no idea why, until we got up the registers and realized her pacifier was nowhere to be found. Guess we’ll listen to her better next time. So we heard that all the way home, “uh oh!” She’s such a little stinker. I love her to pieces.

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