Friday, January 12, 2007

What a good day!!!

Well they closed the office at 3 today, we're having sleet and ice...I had to drive 25 mph all the way home when the speed limit was 45 and 55 on these roads...I was sliding all over the place. It took forever. But I have to say I have just had the best day. It started off so crappy with my lost keys and getting to work late...but then the interview went great, and I was supposed to work til 6:15 to make up my time from today and the office closed at 3 and paid me for 8 hrs!! Thank God, I really didn't want to work that late.

Ok now for the interview...I think it went really well! I'm not getting my hopes up, but I really do want this job. The company sounds so exciting, construction is a LOT more interesting than insurance! And they didn't ask me a whole lot of questions, they basically asked me a few general questions like how we do our account codes and that sort of thing, and then talked the rest of the time about how they do things and about the company. First I met with the two women that would be my coworkers and then I met with the controller. They were all so nice and friendly, they even chatted with me about a rival ins. company getting sued for a Katrina claim and about the huge rising costs of medical ins. these days. Then the HR recruiter talked to me again, and we went over their benefits. Their health insurance is 100$ more a paycheck than I pay now, and that's getting paid every two weeks! That really sucks. But she made the statement "when we interview you, I mean IF we interview you to offer you a job, then we'll go over the salary and you can decide if it's enough to make up for the increase in insurance." I told my friend that works there what she said and she said oh if she said that it sounds like they've already made their decision...but again I'm not getting my hopes up, I mean she could have just slipped and said when instead of if. Another plus is this job is salaried, and I'm hourly now, and I know for a fact it would be an increase in pay from that statement she made. And what's even better is it's salaried non-exempt, so I'd still get paid OT pay for any time I work over 40 hrs! But it just sounds so interesting, and the ladies were so nice, and the controller told me that when my friend started there she really worked on her to stop coming in and keeping her head down and not talking to anybody...she said they really encourage everybody to talk to each other and get to know their co-workers on a friendly level, that they don't want people coming in and working and leaving and that's it. I told her that is so refreshing to hear because where I work now that is what is expected of you, for you to come in, do your work, don't talk to anybody, and that's it. Also the controller told me that they had hired a girl for this job and that she lasted 3 days. They said she came in late every day, checked her personal email first thing and like five times throughout the day and didn't do hardly any work. She said she had worked at the university before this job, and that they don't like to hire people from the university or state jobs because they are all like that in their experience. Not that hard of workers etc. And I'm thinking ok if they hired this girl, SURELY they could hire me! The only thing I don't have is a degree, which they prefer, but they also said they would take experience instead of a degree...I've got five years experience in Accounts Payable, surely that's enough. I'm going in Monday at noon for an Excel test. So I'm going to brush up on those skills this weekend. This office was so nice too, definately more the kind of office building I've dreamed of working in...not huge, but it's all brand new and fancy and they even have a small gym and a full kitchen with a stove and everything! So let's hope this works out, I really really really hope it does. Also, another bit of good news. We just found out that my husband can get get an internship with the Department of Conservation this summer, and get PAID for it!!!!! How awesome is that?!?! We were so worried about this, we've talked a lot about it actually...he won't be able to get a job after he graduates without any experience, but we can't afford for him to do an internship because you don't get paid for that so how is he supposed to get experience? Plus he doesn't have time to do an internship during the school year since he's on the golf team. We had no idea that he can get an internship at the very dept. he wants to get a job after he graduates, right here in town, for the summer instead of through the school year, and get paid like 10$ an hour to do it! He's going to call them Monday and found out what he needs to do to get a summer spot. So hopefully that works out too.

We're moving Miss H's crib into her own bedroom tonight I really hope that goes well. I'm giving us a whole weekend to get used to it. Hopefully she'll do just fine...after all I do rock her to sleep in her own room now, her crib is just in our bedroom. And she's in there for hours without us before we go to bed, so being alone shouldn't scare her. I just hope I can get some sleep...I hate the fact that I won't be able to just look up and see her in her crib...I guess I should move the monitor too. I wish I had one of those video monitors. I will definately have one of those for our next baby.

It's FREEZING here! Gotta go wake Miss H up from her nap...

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