Monday, January 29, 2007

Where'd the weekend go??

Well this past weekend was really busy, and now it's Monday and I'm soooooooo tired and not at all ready to be back to work.
I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but Miss H is really into books now. She spends a lot of her playtime “reading” her books. When she sees the pile she says “Buh! Buh!” She especially loves one of her “feel and learn” books about farm animals. Her two favorite pages are the cows and the sheepdogs. When she looks at the cow page she says “ooooooooo” or “booooooooo” because I’ve been telling her the cow says “moooooooooooo.” It’s so cute.
This weekend Miss H started using the push toy we got her for Christmas. It’s one of those things that stands up and has a handle on it so they can walk along and push it in front of them. She’s used sturdier models at the baby sitter’s, but this weekend she finally started using the more tipsy one we got her, and boy does she love it! She pulls herself up and off she goes, and when she runs into something like the couch or a wall she tries to turn it! So we turn it for her and the second we let go she takes off in a run. I’m wondering when she’s going to start trying to take steps on her own. She’s been “cruising” along the furniture for quite a while now, and she’s even stood on her own a few times. And she’s such a little daredevil, diving off furniture etc. Everybody tells me “oh she’ll be walking soon!” but I guess we’ll see. We ran by the Mall last night to exchange a pair of jeans my mother in law got me for my birthday (too big) and everybody was asking how old she is. I told them 9 and a half months and everybody said “oh, she looks so much older! I would have guessed a year or a year and a half!” Ok I don’t think she looks that big! The lady in Hallmark said “oh she’s too smart for 9 months!” I think her hair makes her look older, since it’s so long already. It’s over 4 inches long, and when I put it in pigtails she really looks older.
BLAH I’m so tired I can’t even think. I had a pounding headache all weekend and part of last week, I think from my wisdom tooth that I need to have removed. So I didn’t get much rest all weekend, and then we were really busy on top of that. We did have a “date” Saturday night though. We took Miss H to the in-laws and used some gift cards we got for Christmas to go to Red Lobster. We were pleasantly surprised when we found out that a law was passed sometime earlier this month that bans smoking in all restaurants in town. Shows you just how much we get to go out to eat these days! It’s so funny, everything you read says that after you have a baby you need to make these “date nights” special. You know, dress up, pay attention to each other, don’t talk about the kids. We do everything wrong. We wear whatever’s comfortable (hey at least I put on jeans and some makeup!) we sit and chat about Miss H or stare at the TV…I always think man people must think we’re on a date (since we look so young) and that we have nothing in common and aren’t going to make it to a second date or something, because WOW do we look bored LOL. But we have fun in our own way…just not having to do anything is nice, having people bring us food, sitting together not having to talk about anything serious like bills or chores. And we’ve been together over 7 years, we’re not your typical newlyweds. We did have fun, we joked around, ate, and even shared dessert. I did miss Miss H while we were gone, I always do, but the break was nice, even if it was just for a few hours.

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