Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On the Market

I can't remember if I already blogged about this yesterday or not, sorry if I already did. I got a call yesterday from our rental agency, they're showing our unit today to a potention buyer. I had no idea our building was on the market, and I'm pretty upset now that I find that out. We just moved to this townhouse last September. We're renewing our lease for another year...we have to renew this month even though our lease isn't up until July...so we'll be locked in until July of 2008 at least. But after that, whoever the new buyer is can change anything on the lease they want...up the rent, say the rent doesn't include cable, whatever they feel like. And we can't afford a higher rent or cable costs. And we were planning on staying there for at least a few more years, so when hubby gets out of school we can pay off the credit cards and other bills we have, then save up money for a house. We like where we live, it's fairly large at 1200 sqft. And we LOVE the rental agency we're with! They have been so incredibly WONDERFUL, bending over backwards to accomodate us and our daughter, letting us move to a bigger/quieter place before our lease was up, dropping moving charges, I mean they've been great. And any problem you have the fix right away. When we moved to this place the thermostat was ancient and came on when you barely touched the whole unit...they came that same day and replaced it with a brand new digital one. At our last apt. we rented from them, we got ants one summer...they came that same day and sprayed for them. They even came and changed a light bulb for us in the dining room(we thought it was a special bulb, DUH just a regular one)...anything breaks, they fix it right away. Stove went out? Here's a brand new one! Microwave caput? Here's a shiny new one! And the office people are beyond wonderful, always so friendly and helpful. And this is a huge rental agency, not a little privately owned deal. They even send me a birthday card every year! I do NOT want to rent from anybody else. So I'm stressed about this now. :o( Also, since they were having a potential buyer come into our unit to check out the one-story floorplan(why oh why did they have to pick OUR unit to represent?) I had to do some tidying up last night. I had a ton of clothes to put away...I don't mind washing them, even folding them...but I HATE putting them away. I don't know why. So I spent the better part of last night clearing off the bar and the couch and the chair, putting the clothes away. The plus side to this is I found a lot of clothes I thought were missing! Jeez... anyway I also picked up random things and put them away, cleaned the master bathroom as best as I could(we're using the shower area as storage right now) and tidied up the kitchen a bit. I don't want somebody walking in and saying "jeez these people are slobs!" and I don't want a representative of the rental agency going back and telling the agency we've got too much crap for our place to hold. So the place looks nice, for now...it'll take a few days for my husband to undo everything I did, but at least it'll look nice for a few days. But now I'm SO TIRED. I can't hardly get any work done, I'm just exhausted. And I'm freezing...I'm sitting her at my desk sitting on a heating pad. That's how cold it is right now.
After feeding Miss H her dinner last night, she has spaghetti crusted all over her face, body, diaper and legs. I was using baby wipes to clean her off, and she was crying and crying...she HATES having her face wiped off after eating, let alone her whole body. So I'm trying to hurry so I can get her all cleaned off so I can put her warm pjs on her(I didn't have time to give her a bath, and she didn't need one she just needed wiped off) and what does my husband do but come over and scold me for making her so cold and scoops her up and holds her like I was killing her. I have him lay her down on the living room floor next to her diaper bin so I can change her now red and orange noodled diaper and wipe her legs off some more, and she cries and cries again, so as soon as I put her new diaper on her he does it again, he scoops her up and she's wimpering taking him for all he's worth. She does this every night while I clean her off. Not quite so bad, but she's not usually as messy as she was last night. But she always cries. And I still clean her off. She's got to learn she has to be cleaned off! He isn't usually there when I'm doing this, he's usually at work at that point. He messed up our whole routine, and what's worse he held her so long that for an hour or so after that she wouldn't have anything to do with me! Big bad mommy cleaned her off oh my goodness and then prince daddy came and whisked her away from the big bad evil mommy and cuddled and coddled her. GRRR I cuddle her, I baby her, AFTER I get her pjs on her. I was not torturing her, I wasn't hurting her, I was cleaning her off which she hates. And he made me feel so horrible. I told him fine if he wants to do it his way, he can get her dressed and I was going to eat dinner. So he got her dressed and I fumed the whole time. I want him to help in the mornings, I want him to help sometimes with her feedings. But when he does things like that, and then actually has her acting like I hurt her to where she doesn't want anything to do with me for a while...ok that just doesn't work for me. I'm trying really hard to remind myself constantly that he is her parent too, not just me, and he has some say in her life and how we care for her, but it's still so hard. I'm the one that handles everything, I'm the one that does most of her care. And then he jumps in like he did last night, and it just did not go over well with me.
I found out last night that Miss H can open lids. I gave her her container of sweet potato puffs to play with while I was changing her diaper before dinner. And she went right for the lid, popped it off, poured puffs all over her face, scooped up handfulls, shoved them in her mouth, and ate them. WHEN did she learn to open lids, and WHEN did she start actually eating the puffs instead of just spitting them out????? How did I miss this?? I know she probably does this at the sitters all the time. And that makes me sad. How did I not know this about her?? The older she gets, I'm feeling the way I did when she was a couple months old and I was going back to work. I want to be there with her every second, I miss her every second I'm away from her...I want to be there teaching her things, comforting her when she falls, feeding her...and I'm tired of missing things.

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Ashley & Charles said...

I'm getting really frustrated with this comment thingamajig...

ANYWAYS, I'm sorry about hubby and the rental agency. I hope it all works out. Did you tell hubby how annoying he was being?

Where in MO do you live? Is it as flippin cold there as it is here?

I want to see pics of your daughter!!!