Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy Monday!!

They say money can’t buy happiness…ok whoever said that obviously wasn’t poor. And I know there are unhappy rich people out there, and poor people that are more than happy…but one thing’s for sure, money may not buy happiness, but it sure can help!! I was thinking this morning on the way to work of a show on TV I saw quite a while back…you know that movie Super-Size Me where that guy eats nothing but McDonald’s for like a month and gets all sick and stuff? Well the guy that made that movie used to make shows on TV too, and one was about living on minimum wage. Him and his girlfriend(or wife, whatever) moved into a cruddy tiny apartment and worked 2 jobs a piece for minimum wage and had to make ends meet on that. They used public transportation and ate very little etc. and the show was all about how that affected them and their relationship and how hard it was to make ends meet with so little money even when they didn’t have any kids. The whole process really took a toll on their relationship. They said they normally NEVER fight, and they fought a lot doing this show, because of the lack of money. It’s so sad that money is such a stressor these days. We shouldn’t have to bust our butts just to stay alive, I mean what on earth are we living for if we don’t get to have some fun and enjoyment along the way? I know a lot of couples that have the problem these people did making this show…they would be a really happy couple if they didn’t have money issues to fight over. And I know if the money issues weren’t there, then maybe there would be other issues in some of their cases. But I know in the case of my husband and I, we wouldn’t really have any issues if it weren’t for the lack of money. Our financial situation makes up about 90% of what we bicker about(which honestly we don’t bicker that often, but I would prefer to hardly at all). And the rest of that is stupid stuff like don’t leave your dirty britches in the middle of the dining room floor, or quit throwing your dirty clothes at the end of the bed when the hamper is five feet away, the kitchen counter is not a trashcan, etc. But the money issues just suck. We both dream of having “normal” lives where we don’t have to think too much about money, where we know all the bills will be paid, we know we can go to a movie if we want, where grocery shopping is a normal thing to do. It just doesn’t seem fair to me that people like Paris Hilton run around spending their daddy’s money not having a care in the world and the rest of us have to work so hard just to barely scrape by. I mean she’ll spend more than I make in a year on one shopping trip buying clothes. It just seems like the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. And yea I know the rich supposedly donate to all these charities. But when you make millions doing one movie and you’ve made how many movies over the span of your career, it seems to me like you could donate a lot more than a million dollars to a charity. Seems like they could do a lot more if they weren’t busy buying 200$ T-shirts and 10 million dollar homes. What in the heck do they do with all that extra room?? If I won the lottery, I mean the big one, a LOT of money, no way would I go out buying thousand dollar outfits or fancy expensive cars…I’d shop the same places I always shop, and fill a whole closet full of clothes for like 1000$!! Or way less even. Sigh…I guess I should just keep dreaming, seeing as how I don’t even play the lottery LOL. Anyway, it was just something that popped into my head this morning. We just can’t wait for hubby to be out of school so he can get a full time job!!
Well my mom kept Miss H Friday night. We splurged and grabbed a few burgers and went to a movie. I don’t even remember the last time we did that! We saw Night at the Museum. It was actually pretty darn funny! I snorted at least twice I was laughing so hard. We like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Then we checked out the new Walmart that opened up by our house. Just like the other two Walmart’s we have in town LOL…we were out of everything baby, so we stocked up even though we didn’t have the money(come on tax refund!!). Saturday my mom and I drove up North to visit my aunt and uncle at their new place. My cousin and her husband and daughter had driven into town so we got to see them too, which was nice. Their daughter is going to be two in July, so she’s about 9 months older than Miss H and they hadn’t met yet. So that was really cute. They gave each other kisses.
Saturday night we got stuck at my dad’s. My sister, cousin, hubby and I were going to run by the mall and we went outside to cars covered in snow and slick roads…we went anyway, left Miss H with my dad and stepmom, and decided we weren’t getting Miss H out on the roads because there were already a bunch of wrecks. So we slept over there, Miss H did ok but didn’t sleep quite as well as normal, and all her moving around kept me up. We finally got home late afternoon yesterday and boy were we happy to be home. She crashed at 8:45 last night and slept all night! She was definitely worn out.
Today hasn’t started out too great. After my husband left for school this morning before dawn, I started having these really crazy scary dreams. I was so freaked out when I woke up that I tried to get ready but I just couldn’t take it, I was so weirded out…I packed up our stuff and went to my mom’s. I figured a cup of hot tea and talking to her would calm me down, and it did. Then I get to work 30 minutes late and find out that sometime yesterday a ceiling tile fell right on my desk from being so soaked with water leaking from the roof…so I have ceiling crud and water everywhere, a trashcan on my desk catching water, all my papers and procedures manual are all wet and nasty…my allergies will be having a party!! This building is so old and cruddy, even without the leakage we all feel like crap the minute we step in the door, so this is just making it 10 times worse for us. BLAH!!!!! Hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon. In the meantime we have sanitizing spray and antibacterial wipes. Can’t do anything about the air but, oh well. Hopefully the day will get better as it goes on!

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