Friday, January 26, 2007


Well this week has been pretty boring, still cold, still tired. It’s supposed to get into the 50’s here today, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I wish it would, maybe we could get rid of all this snow and ice lying around. I almost fell this morning, right as I was getting into my car. Thank God I had already put Miss H in her seat. I was about to get into the drivers seat and slipped on some invisible ice.
My sister came over last night. She’s about 4 years younger than I am but we’re really close. She’s pretty mature for her age. Her boyfriend of 1 year is in Iraq(they’ve known each other forever). He was supposed to be home in time for Miss H’s 1st birthday, but we recently found out he won’t be home til June now…well I take that back, after that we found out he will now be home sometime in May. Hopefully if the date changes again, it’ll go back to sometime in April. We all want him home. He’s a Marine, infantry (or something like that, not sure of the exact terms). I hate it that he has to be there, he is such a nice guy, loves my sister to death. They’re making plans now to get married when he gets back, and then * sob sob sob * they plan on moving to California :o( That’s where the base is that he lives at until he gets out of the service, so instead of doing the long distance thing for another year or two my sister is planning on moving out there too. Which makes me so incredibly sad. Happy for her, but really sad…she’s one of my best friends, I love her to pieces, and I will miss her incredibly bad if she leaves. But that is a ways off from now, so we’ll see what happens. Anyway, she came over last night and Miss H had a blast. She loves her Aunt A. We let her pull all the Kleenex’s out of the box and spread them all throughout the house. We would then gather them all up and rain them down on her like snow, she thought it was hilarious. All my sister has to do is look at Miss H and she lets out a giggle.
Well thank God it’s Friday. I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Work was busy this week. Busy but boring. The highlight of my week was yesterday when we got our new flat panel monitors…we’ve been waiting for over a year now. Much more room on my desk now, much nicer. Yipee!!
Ok I’m really looking forward to spring & summer this year!! I cannot WAIT to start taking Miss H on walks again. She has always loved going on walks, and the only time she’s been on a walk lately is a couple times over the winter in the Mall, which she absolutely LOVED(I think the girl is going to take after me and love shopping) but I can’t wait to get her out in the parks again and get her some fresh air. And I can’t wait to take her swimming…she was too young last year. She had 2 swimsuits but I was ultra-paranoid about her getting a sunburn and you can’t use sunscreen until they’re 6 months old, so the only time she wore them was for pictures. This year she’ll be walking and I can put her cute little suit on her and sandals and she’ll splash in the water. She loves her baths, so I’m hoping she’ll love swimming. We’re getting her a little pool to put on the back porch. She has no summer clothes so far, so we’re going to have to go shopping too. DARN! A friend of mine has a little girl that will be 2 in July, and she gave me a whole box of her clothes from last summer for Miss H. But they’re all 12 months, so they fit her NOW. None of them are going to fit when it gets warm enough to actually wear them! I don’t think Miss H is exceptionally huge, I mean she’s only 28 inches long and 18 lbs 11 oz….75th percentiles for both…but the dr. did say she is the size of most 1 yr. olds. And I guess this must be somewhat true, because she’s the size right now that my friend’s little girl was at 1 yr. I have a friend who has a baby boy that is a week or so older than Miss H, and she thinks Miss H is SO TINY. Her son is like 26 lbs and over 30 inches long, and he’s only almost 10 months. I’m sorry but my daughter isn’t tiny and it’s not like I deprive her of food, she’s got a big fat belly and eats like a horse. I think she’s perfect! She just burns off a lot of calories because she’s so active. I mean she’s been crawling for months now and she’s been cruising around furniture for a couple months. Now she’s standing on her own without holding onto anything! I know she’ll be walking by her 1st birthday, if she’s not I’ll be so surprised. And I’m just picturing her this summer walking around in her little shorts and tank tops with her little chubby legs, in pigtails and sunglasses. She’s going to be so stinking cute!!! Hopefully she’ll be talking more by then too, so far her vocabulary consists of one word phrases like “mama, dada, uh-oh, ball, book, oh.” And I’m really hoping she’ll have more teeth by then! She got her first 2 teeth within a couple days of each other when she was about 5 or 6 months old(bad mommy, I don’t remember!!) and she hasn’t gotten any more since! WHEN WILL SHE GET MORE TEETH??? I’m having horrible visions of her being toothless forever.
Well I’ve got a pounding headache today, that started this morning and is not letting up a bit. Hopefully it will go away by this afternoon, it’s making it hard to look at my monitor or read anything, which makes it hard to get much work done.

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