Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Another chance

Ok so I found a job listing today in the paper for the same position that I am in now at a different company that thank GAWD doesn't have anything to do with insurance. I am VERY interested in this job, and what makes it even better is that a friend works for this company in the same dept. I'm going to apply for. She said she would find out who the resumes go to and mention me to them. It would be so nice to have a friendly face if I moved to a new company, that way maybe I wouldn't feel quite so awkward and scared out of my mind. The downfall is, now I have to hurry up and put together my resume, which I have never done in my life. I've never had to so far. And I can't even begin to think how to write a cover letter...what in the world do you say??? I think they made us practice in highschool, but that was SO LONG ago and I'm sorry my memory's not that great when it comes to info I don't think I'll ever use. I never planned on being a career woman, I planned on just getting by until my husband got a decent job and I could quit work and stay home with the kiddos and babysit. Which I still plan on doing one of these days, hopefully. Anyway so I'm not getting my hopes up about this job, but at the same time I am, and it's exciting and I'm anxious to hurry up and apply...sooooooooo I'll post updates on how it's going.

In other news...IS ANYBODY GOING TO EVER READ THIS????????? I'm not sure how to tell if anybody's reading this except by comments, which I have not gotten any of thus far...I feel like I'm the most boring person alive, does anyone really care about my day to day ramblings and bitchings??? Throw me a frickin bone here people! hehe

My daughter loves iced tea. How's that for random. She does...not quite 9 months old and she loves the stuff(decaf of course)...she steals sips out of my cup and says "mmmmmmmmm"...she really is just too bright if I do say so myself. She's trying to walk already, and she understands a lot of what we're saying to her. She knows what a lot of things are, and if you ask her "where's the ball?" she'll show you right where it's at. She's also saying mama and dada, she waves bye bye and hi, and I swear every now and then she just randomly repeats something we say. The other morning we were playing with her bug toy before we left the house for the day, and I said "there's your bug!" and she repeated "bug." She's said my sister's name before, and it's a difficult one to say. She said tree the other day, and she's said hi a few times. Evidently I spoke at a really young age, and could talk small sentences by the time I was a year old...which I don't have any problem whatsoever believing because jeez look at me now, I'll talk anyone's ear off if they let me.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM my husband is eating ravioli and it smells SOOOOO good...I must have some...

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