Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another one...

Ok so today wasn't all that bad either. Miss H woke up at 8:40, almost an hour after she normally wakes up, after having slept all night in her own room without waking up once! And she was in a GREAT mood when she got up...when I walked in she was standing up smiling, and she sat down and showed me all the little furry lambs on her bumper pad with a huge smile on her face. So that turned out really great. Then we got out a box of invites that were for our wedding and it had a bunch of cards in it that we recv'd as gifts...Miss H takes one card at a time and stacks it over into a new pile she's making(she's been such a little helper lately)...and the next thing I know I look over and she has a Target giftcard in her hand, a brand new shiny one. So I get on the internet and check the value...10$...not too bad, I mean we didn't even know we had it! I have no idea where she found it either, I had never seen it before. There's no name on it either so I have no idea who it came from. Then she helped me put all the cards back in the box.
Well we got the carpets shampood today...finally!! And it makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER let me tell you. To finally have this place somewhat clean after last weekend. So tomorrow I am going to concentrate on the laundry, getting all that washed and getting the clean stuff organized and put away. But I'm feeling really good about the progress we've made so far.
So it's still freezing rain and crap outside, and I'm really sick of it. I'm so ready for spring and all the green and I'm ready to take Miss H on walks again. She always LOVED the walks we took, and she's even more alert now since she's 9 months old, so I know she'll like them even more now. I'm really excited for the upcoming summer!!
Well she's still awake, her schedule's kind of off because of the cleaning we did today...believe it or not she fell asleep while I was shampooing the living room, not a foot away from where she was laying on my husband's lap on the couch. You never know what she'll sleep through. So I better go start trying to get her to wind down for the night.

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