Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The week's half over!!

I have a bad feeling I’m getting a cold. I’m really achy all over to the point where I’m hobbling around like an old lady (I have hip problems anyway)…I’d think it was just from this extreme cold, except I have this tickle in my chest that keeps making me cough. Two ladies here at work are out sick. One sits in the cubicle right next to me, the other I get coffee with every morning. I SOOOO did not want to get sick. I know nobody ever wants to get sick, but I mean I CANNOT get sick because I don’t want to pass anything on to Miss H. She’s already been sick how many times now, I’m ready for her to be healthy and well for a good long stretch of time! If spring would just hurry up and get here we could all open up the windows and air everything out. It’s so funny because every year I used to look forward to winter, I loved bundling up and snow and all that. Now I don’t think I’ve ever hated winter this much. Usually by about now I’m looking forward to spring and my mood starts to get a little blah. But this year, I HATE winter, I LOATHE it, and I’m so ready for spring I could scream.
Last night my mom and I went grocery shopping. I used to make my husband go with me, but he spent the whole time griping and not paying attention so I started going with my mom and now it’s so much fun. And Miss H LOVES shopping. She babbles and points at everything on the shelves and tries to grab whatever’s in reach. Usually Miss H has no problems waiting til we get home to eat…but last night evidently she was starving and we took a little too long for her liking, because when we got up to the checkout and started putting her baby foods and yogurts up on the conveyer belt thing she lunged at them yelling and was trying to poke her little finger through the yogurt tops. It was so funny! She wasn’t upset, just VERY excited at seeing all her food. She’s changing daily, it amazes me. Every single day she doesn’t something new and acts less like a little baby. It’s so hard to explain without someone actually seeing for themselves. This morning she was still tired, so when I was getting dressed she was fussing…she took her pacifier out of her mouth, looked right at me and gave me a big ol fake fuss, complete with a big juicy tear rolling down her cheek. She fell over on the floor and just lay there whimpering. So pitiful. And she’s been hugging me for a while now, but lately her hugs have been extra special. She grabs me around my neck and squeezes like she’s never going to let go, it’s the sweetest thing in the whole world. She comes over and climbs into my lap and stands up and just hugs and hugs me. Melts my heart every time. What on earth did I ever do without her???


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I have a myspace page, but never really used it, so I forgot all the details, like name and password. My email is

How far is C from KC?

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Oh, is it snowing there too?