Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snotty people

At work I'm in the process right now of calling vendors that we haven't received a W-9 form back from, even after sending them a second request. Most of the people have been so nice, but this one lady who just happens to be the AP person for both St. Louis Envelope Co. and SL Graphix, has been so snotty to me both times I called...she acts like it's such a huge inconvenience that I'm calling her, and that she has to fax me the form. I had already called her about St. Louis Envelope Co...she said she'd fax me the form and then she hung up on me. Then I called SL Graphix. Little did I know it was the same building...she said "you just called me!!!!!!"...I asked if this was SL Graphix, and she said "oh you need one for them to?!?!" and I told her I'm sorry I didn't know it was the same company(completely different phone numbers and vendor names, how in the hell should I know?!?) and she proceeded to tell me it is NOT the same company, both companies are just under one roof. I wanted to ask how in the hell she got the job of AP clerk for BOTH companies when she is so darn stinkin rude, but of course I didn't, I was very nice and polite. So she faxed me the forms and that's that, but jeez why are people so rude these days? Another company I called cut me off right in the middle of me saying I'm so and so from such and such company calling about a W-9 form we sent back in December...she cut me off right in the middle and said "hold please" and that was it. Have these people had NO customer service training whatsoever? And how on earth did they get their "operator" jobs with such a bad attitude? This reminds me of the receptionist at Miss H's dr. office. She will NEVER crack a smile, she is so rude it's rediculous...to everybody that comes up to that window. I was absolutely shocked when I saw her at Walmart one time with a husband and 2 of the cutest little kids...how on earth she ever charmed a man into marrying her and how on earth her kids were so darn cute and well-mannered is beyond me. She recognized me, I know she did, because she knows me from my sister in law who used to work in that office....as we passed I smiled and said "hi!" and of course, in her usual lovely manner, she frowned at me and looked the other direction. That has to be a horrible existence, being so snobby and un-friendly like that all the time. But then again, maybe she was raised differently. I know when we lived in KS for a while people looked at us like we were nutty if we spoke to them when we didn't know them. Here in MO, at least in the smaller towns, you talk to anybody, the lady in line behind you at the grocery store, or the guy in front of you with a kid asks how old your baby is...just last night a lady had me hold the door for her at Walmart because she had a cart and it wasn't an automatic door and I had my hands free...she just said she was going to take advantage of me having to open the door, and I told her no problem at all and she was just so nice and polite. This is what I'm used to. Oh another instance...my mom and daughter and I were in Dillards a few months back looking for some tennis shoes for Miss H(she has the fattest feet and they do not make infant shoes to fit fat feet??) and we had just bought a pair of little white Keds(which we took back because they fell off her fat feet btw) and an older couple stopped me and the guy said "I just have to stop you so I can admire the little one, she's so adorable, how old is she?" I told them how old she was, and showed them the new shoes we just bought her, and they said thanks for letting them admire her etc. etc. and we walked away and my mom asked "who was that?" and I told her I have absolutely no idea. She said "from the way they came up to you I thought you knew them" and I told her "nope, they were just friendly old folks." Why can't all people be that friendly?? The world would be a much nicer place...

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