Friday, January 19, 2007

9 Month Check-up

Well Miss H had her 9 month check-up today. It went absolutely WONDERFUL!! This was the best dr. appointment I think she's ever had. This was her first appointment with her new dr. She loves him!! She didn't cry at all, which if you know anything about her other appointments you'd know she CRIED...she hated her other dr. She just did NOT care for her at all. Dr. New is so good with her, and he's really laid back, takes his time, and really seems to enjoy kids. He said everything is perfect, and he said "She's worth a million she's worth 2 million bucks!" and said how cute she was. He was very impressed with her development too, that she is already standing on her own and talking and feeding herself finger foods etc. And she performed beautifully. She has this little toy pink and purple football with rattles in it(alright I admit it, it's a freakin cat toy, but she loves the thing--she stole it from my mom's cat PingPong who didn't play with it anyway) and he said "you like that ball don't you?" and she tried to give him a bite of it LOL...because in the waiting room I was saying "Miss H can mommy have a bite?" and she'd give me a bite and I'd say thank you, and then she'd take a bite of it and fake chew and then I'd ask her for another bite etc. So she tried to give him a bite of her ball, and when she held it out to him she said "ball!"....I was so proud! I have been working with her on that, and I told him I had and he said "well she's doing a pretty good job at it!" He examined her while she was sitting on my lap, he didn't plaster her to the examination table like her old dr. used to. She was so interested in everything he was doing, he said "she's an observant little thing isn't she!" And no shots this time, yay!!!!!!!!! And no that's not the reason she didn't cry, the shots always come at the end of the appointment and the nurse is the one who administers them. I am so incredibly happy we switched to this dr., the appointment could not have gone any better. Oh and her stats! She now weighs 18 lbs. 11 oz. and she is 28 inches long. He said she's the size of most 1 year olds so she's doing really well. She has grown almost 3 inches in 3 months!! I KNEW she was getting tall!! She looks so much taller and all her pants are getting too short! I don't remember what she weighed at her last appointment(6 months) I'll have to look that up later.
It's date night tonight with hubby, my mom's keeping Miss H overnight. I think we're going to splurge and go see a movie!! It has been SO LONG since we've done anything together! I am craving food too, so I might just say screw it and have us go get some burgers or something also...gotta go all out for date night, I mean we get this like once every 6 months!

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