Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I keep having these dreams that I leave Miss H somewhere, usually in the car…in the dreams I’ll go to work and forget to take her to the sitters first and leave her in the car all day in the middle of winter. Just recently I had a very vivid dream where I was really tired after work one day, and I picked her up and thought we’d go by Toys R Us and take a look around. I got out of the car, went in, found a bib to buy and a few toys, then realized wait I don’t have a cart to put these in…and that I’m not pushing my baby in a cart, and OH MY GOD I LEFT HER IN THE CAR…so I threw down the stuff, ran out to the parking lot where a group of people were gathered around my car trying to break the windows to get her out, including my husband—don’t ask me how he found out about the whole situation. I burst into tears and grabbed her out of the car and begged the people not to call the cops, that I was just tired and they would take her away from me, and then the dream ended. I guess I’m just having these dreams because this is one of the things I’m so paranoid about?? It’s really disturbing though. Sometimes I’ll have the same kind of dream but in the dream I’m in the mall, and when I run out to the parking lot I can’t find my car anywhere, and I look and look til the mall closes and all the cars leave and my car is nowhere to be found, and Miss H is gone. Gosh these dreams feel so real sometimes I almost really feel like I’ve forgotten her before!! :o( Am I the only one that’s paranoid about this??

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