Thursday, January 18, 2007

This evening

I think part of the problem might be that Miss H might be going through a growth spurt. She had a 6 oz. bottle at 3 am this morning, then at the sitter's today she had three 6 oz. bottles like normal and all her food and also a 4 oz. bottle and then tonight for dinner she had a jar of chicken vegetable dinner and a jar of carrot apple mango and she was stil hungry so I gave her 4 of her Gerber garden vegetable flavored crackers broken up and she ate those, and I was eating some veggie soup my mom had made so I got some of the green beans, peas, lima beans and carrots out of that and cut them up on her tray and she picked them up and ate those too! She hasn't wanted milk with dinner for quite a while now, usually she just takes a couple drinks if that even or drinks maybe 2 oz or so but tonight she wanted a sippy cup with water, so I gave her that with dinner and then at bedtime she ate 6 oz. and honestly I fell asleep so I don't know if she would have drank the other 2 oz. of it or not if we hadn't fallen asleep while she was eating it. I am just so tired. But she still got 28 oz. of formula and all that food today. So I'm thinking I might send an extra container of food for her lunch tomorrow, see if that helps. And I'm going to start getting the veggies that are whole in the jars and cutting those up for her to let her feed herself some at dinner, and hopefully that will help things. She has had huge toots lately though, not stinky at all just loud as can be...I don't know what's causing that, maybe the yogurt the past few I'm going to not give her any yogurt tomorrow and see if that helps that issue. I put her in her crib at about 10:15 tonight and she woke up not 20 minutes later crying...she went right back to sleep once I gave her her pacifier so hopefully she stays asleep all night now, GOD PLEASE let her stay asleep all night. I really need some sleep, bad. Tonight after dinner I took a shower and then hubby went to work, then I gave her a bath and that was so funny...she flips over on her belly now and kicks her legs and paddles her arms and splashes everywhere and sticks her face down in the water! She's getting so comfortable in the water I think she's really going to love swimming this summer. And she's doing this thing now where she wrinkles up her nose and sucks in air and blows it out, like she's blowing her nose, it is the funniest thing I have ever seen and I was doing it back to her tonight and she did it back to me and I just cracked up laughing. I have no idea where she got it from but she's been doing it the past few's so funny...kind of convenient too, she got out a lot of snot in the tub LOL! But she's doing it to be silly, her nose isn't clogged or anything. Anyway then after her bath we watched her Curious Buddies movie, and then I made her a bottle and put her to that was our night, and I think I'm off to bed now, wish me luck on getting some sleep...

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