Thursday, January 11, 2007

We're getting a SpotBot

So we're leaving in a while to go to Home Depot, we're getting a Spot Bot...does anybody have one of these??? It seems amazing to me that you can just set the thing on the spot and walk off and it does all the cleaning for you. Sorry but that's well worth my 129$. Our lovely cat pukes on the carpet quite regularly, sometimes in multiple locations in multiple rooms multiple times per day...nice huh...and I am sick of spending all this extra time and energy cleaning up her puke spots. Plus, Miss H is bound to get more messy in the months to come, so I really feel like this piece of machinery will be a hugely valuable addition to the family.

I'm getting really nervous about the interview tomorrow...I hate the thought of trying to sell myself. I know I can do this job, if they'll just give me the chance. I'm not great with words, so what if I say something stupid and they're like man this lady's a moron we're not hiring her...and I'm really not, I just have trouble organizing my thoughts into words! It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't REALLY REALLY want this job. And I'm trying to figure out what to do about the whole "jeans day" situation. Tomorrow is jeans day at the office because it's payday, and I need to dress up nice for this interview, but I don't have time to go home and change first...and I'm not wearing my nice outfit to work on jeans day, yea like that wouldn't shout INTERVIEW, INTERVIEW! I guess I'll just wear the shirt with my jeans and change in my car...

As for Miss H, she slept all night last night, and refused to nap again today. She's napping now, but I'm not letting her sleep for long...I'm hoping to get her in bed at a decent time again tonight so I can get things organized and get to bed at a decent time, since I have to get up early tomorrow to do stupid stuff like put on make up and take a shower for this interview I need to get to work early to make up time.

Alright, Spot Bot shopping time...

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