Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Goodness gracious...

Well we're all better, except now Miss H has a little bit of a cold or some sort of drainage...if it's not one thing it's the other, it's nuts. She's fighting sleep really bad the past few nights...we can tell she's SO incredibly tired but she just won't go to sleep. And then when she finally does she wakes herself up coughing. Last night yet again I slept on the cat's spot in the bed, I had all of maybe 8 inches on the very edge, while my dear daughter slept in my spot all lounged out on MY comfy pillow, and hubby snored away like nothing was happening...she woke up every 10 minutes or so coughing, so I got no sleep. I'm still recovering from being so God awful sick, and I got maybe 3 hrs of sleep last night TOPS, then I had to work all day today, didn't get off til 5:20, got home about 6, played with the squirt, did laundry, and is it WAY TOO MUCH TO ASK that I get 5 freaking minutes to myself in a 24 hr. period??? I love Miss H to death, but oh my goodness I so had myself fooled...I know maybe it sounds stupid, but I never dreamed having a kid was this hard. She's so stinking demanding, which I mean look who her mom is of course she's demanding and bossy and hot-tempered. But I wasn't that way as a baby or little girl for God sakes! I was this sweet shy innocent little thing. Where is my sweet shy innocent little baby??? I literally never get a minute to myself, I usually have to write posts on breaks at work and save them to post later. I MISS ME TIME. I love playing with her, giving her baths, all that stuff, and I do miss her since I'm at work all day, but I still do look forward to putting her to bed at night...she doesn't go to bed til 9:30 or so, so it's not like she's going to bed early...but then after she goes to bed I still have to do what little laundry I can, dishes, get her diaper bag packed for the next day, pick up her toys........and maybe get just enough time to do a posting, maybe 15 minutes a day if that. It's a good day if I get to take a shower anymore! But she's so worth it. She's the light of my life, as much bitching as I do she really is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I was always so worried I wouldn't be able to have kids, because that's the one thing in life I wanted the most. But I am able to, and I did, and I am so thankful for every second with her. She's so smart, way too smart for a 9 month old. I can't even begin to gush about the stuff she knows how to do. She amazes me every single day. It's just taking time to learn how to juggle everything and still have time to take care of myself too...I'm last on my list of things to take care of.

Tonight my wonderful husband got her to sleep...thank the Lord. She was fighting me so bad, I got really frustrated, we laid on the living room floor in the dark, then we played with light up toys in the dark--that was actually a fun experience!!--she played with daddy, she fussed at mommy some more, she fought sleep, she got SO TIRED she couldn't even lift her head off the floor so she just rolled all the way across the floor...which is something she hasn't done since she was 5 months old, since she is on her way to walking now. So she wallered in bed with daddy, threw some fits, laughed some, and finally gave in and fell asleep. So I'm off to bed now, and with my luck she'll wake up about 10 minutes after I fall asleep...but I really hope not, because I know she needs a good nights sleep...and mommy does too.

PS...the phone interview went well today, don't know if I posted that I had that or not...I have a real interview for the position on Friday. Nerve wracking, but exciting!! I'm new to the interview process, since I've been at the company I'm at now since my Junior year of highschool.

Night everybody...

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