Wednesday, January 3, 2007

What the f...

This is probably going to be a short post, but I just have to vent. Ok so we all know I applied for this other job in another dept, and didn't get it because of my stupid boss lying in my reviews and making me out to be some horrible employee/person. Well I have a friend in another dept. that used to have the job I just applied for. She switched from the dept. I applied for, to the dept. I worked in, and left just like the other 4 people did, then came back to the company in yet another dept...following me?? Ok so she's currently 8 1/2 months pregnant, w/ a scheduled c-section in 6 wks. The lady whose job I applied for is quitting in March, and they wanted her to be able to train her replacement...still following?? Well my friend that is preggo and that used to be in this dept. I applied for, got an email from that dept's supervisor, whom I interviewed with. "Come see me" is all it said. So she went and saw her, and was asked if she would be interested in the position. My friend, ok ok let's call her Alicia...Alicia told this supervisor that this meeting was strictly between the two of them, that she didn't want HRD knowing, because HRD (where her MIL works) had instructed her to stay put where she's at for a while because the current dept. she is in has room for advancement and it's a decent job and they were so nice to give it to her when she was preggo like that. Well, somehow HRD found out. The only way they could have was if this supervisor went against her word and told HRD she was interested in my friend Alicia and that they had talked. Ok are ALL supervisor's shady?? Is that like a requirement or something? So now my friend Alicia doesn't trust this lady farther than she can throw her, and she doesn't want to move depts. and doesn't know if she should tell this lady she's not interested anymore or what. ANYWAY, get to the point right? Ok so again, I'm royally pissed off...this lady would rather take a lady about ready to pop and go on maternity leave right over the time the other lady is going to be retiring, over me. I am a damn good employee, my boss is just a psycho nutjob, and not just as a boss but as a person too. I never got bad reviews until she became my boss...this lady used to be my coworker, back when I was a temp. in this dept. and still in highschool, and she HATED me, she wouldn't even speak to me! I don't know if she thought she was too good for me, or if she just hates young people, or what, but she has always been a bitch. And then my wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL boss leaves, and who in the world do they choose to replace her? The bitch that hates me. I was fucked from the get go. Two of my coworkers at the time quit, just because this lady became our boss. Two of their replacements quit, just because of the shitty management in this dept...then my friend Alicia quits, for the same damn reason as the other 4 did. And where am I? I must be friggin insane, I'm STILL in this dept., I'm STILL miserable. After all these years, I tried, I went out on a limb, I put myself out there, I tried to finally get the hell out of this shit hole...and the other supervisor would rather have my about-to-pop friend instead of me who was so eager to get this job and learn something new and get a fresh start. I am deep down in this dark dank well, that I have NOT dug myself into, I have been thrown there by an evil witch...will NO ONE help me dig out?? Will nobody throw me a freakin bucket here?? I am not a negative person, I'm usually very happy and positive, but damn I've had piles and piles of dogshit thrown on me lately. Of course when Alicia told me all this I didn't let her see my hurt and anger, I was very nice and supportive...I mean she had nothing to do with any of this, it wasn't her fault. Sigh...oh well I think I've said all I can say right much for a short little post.

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