Tuesday, January 16, 2007

B E A Utiful

I have a headache..........and it won't go away. Nothing is helping. I think it's turning into a migraine...it hurts all over and I feel sick to my stomach and my head feels hot. I begged hubby not to go to work, but he did of course, which is good because we need the money, but damn my head hurts and I have nobody here to baby me :o( Miss H went to bed great tonight, I think her diarea might finally be clearing up thank God. She only pooped 3 times today, 3 big times, and this last time wasn't as runny. I did call the dr. today and they said to switch her to soy formula to see if that would help. Don't know why it would, but oh well. They also told me to put her on Similac Isomil DF which is a formula for babies over 6 months old, and it's especially for diarea...but I can't find the frickin stuff anywhere. Well I shouldn't say anywhere...but they don't have it at Walgreen's or Walmart and I don't know where else in my town would have it if those places don't. So I just bought her some Enfamil Prosobee. And like everyone has warned me, the stuff stinks. It's made from different oils, soy oil, coconut oil, very weird texture and it does smell, well, oily. Seems so much less healthy to me than formula made from milk. So I'm doing half and half bottles, half regular and half soy formula, and she's eating it fine. So we'll see if it does any good. And I'm still giving her her yogurt for breakfast, so hopefully that's helping too. We did have to stop using her Luv's diapers though, gave her a nasty case of diaper rash, I mean it was horrible the poor thing. We soaked her poor bum in the bath last night forever, which she LOVED, and started using White Cloud diapers which are nice and big and stretchy and unscented and die free and we're using good ol' Beaudreaux's and it's clearing up nicely now.
Alright gonna go rest my poor eyes and hope this headache decides to go away soon...

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