Sunday, January 14, 2007

So much ice

It's still icing and crap outside here. Everything is covered in like 2 or 3 inches of this layer of ice. It's so weird, it looks like snow, but when you walk on it you don't sink in at ALL, it's frozen solid. And it's really slick. My boss's boss called me today to tell me the office is still open tomorrow but if we can't make it in that's ok, we won't get paid for it but they won't be pissed or anything. But I don't want to call in the morning and say I'm not coming in and then have the rest of my dept. show up...especially since some of them live way out of town. But we're supposed to get another inch of sleet and ice's been raining all day and the temp. is supposed to drop, so it's going to freeze over night. ready for spring!

Miss H STILL has diarea...I don't know how to get rid of it!!!!!! It's been like a week now since we were all sick, and we're all back to normal, and she's completely better other than this diarea. She leaks everytime she poops, I've been doing laundry like crazy. I feel so bad for her...she doesn't seem to mind it at all, but I mean it's gotta suck to be having diarea all day. Speaking of, I just hurt a large burst in her pants...ugh...I just changed her twice about 2o minutes ago! I have been giving her rice cereal, everything that's supposed to constipate her and it's just not working. I got her some YoBaby yogurt last night and fed her a container of it this morning, so hopefully all that good bacteria will start going to work and make her all better.

The in-laws came over today, we invited them over for lunch. I made barbecue sloppy joes and fries...I'm not one to invite people over and cook for them, we just don't do that, and you know what?? It was so nice! We ate and visited and I showed them Miss H's newly arranged room and the oh-so-clean carpets etc. I am just so incredibly happy with how close we've gotten to them lately because after Miss H's birth it got really bad, and after the wedding it wasn't much better. I finally feel close to them, it's really nice. I've always wanted this big family that gets together all the time and just loves being around each other, like I had when I was a little girl, and I really really hoped I'd marry into a family like that too. HOPEFULLY, keep my fingers crossed...things will continue like this, and it'll be an absolutely wonderful summer. I cannot WAIT to go swimsuit shopping for Miss H! It's so hard to believe she'll be walking by then!! She is 9 months old today...God time has gone by so fast. She's less and less a little baby everyday, and more a kid. Today she threw her bottle on the floor to watch the milk spew everywhere, and she announced to the in-laws "uh-oh!" They thought it was the cutest thing ever. They didn't know she was saying that already. She's just too cute for words!

Speaking of Miss H, gotta go change that poopy diaper, hubby can't handle it himself LOL

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