Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Potty Time!

A few weeks ago we went to the library to get Hailey a few new bedtime books. I picked out this one about a little boy named Joe who needs to use the potty. Each page features a different animal, complete with little butt crack, sitting on a little red potty. Hailey LOVES it! We read it every night. Sometimes Hailey even reads it to me. On the page with the elephant she says "Elephant go potty, THUMP!" because it says something like "Nellie Elephant sits on the potty with a thump!" At the end Joe goes potty in the potty and the book says "Well done, Joe!" Hailey says "Good job Joe!!!" She loves the page with the little mouse on it. She says the mouse is going poop. :o) I'm not sure if it's because of this book or if something just clicked in her little head, but Hailey has been using the potty a lot lately! Last night while D and I went out for an early Valentine's dinner my mom gave Hailey a bath. She told my mom she needed to poop. My mom told her if she pooped in the water she wasn't going to be very happy and asked her if she needed to poop in her potty. Hailey said no. A few minutes later she said she had to poop again. My mom told her if she poops in the tub she'll get poop on her boppies, on her toys and on her! She asked her again if she needed to poop in the potty and told her she could get back in the bathtub when she was done. This time Hailey said yes. She didn't poop but she peed! When we got home she took me in the bathroom to show me her pee and wanted me to dump it. We were so proud! Then this morning Hailey was a little cranky and not so ready to get out of bed. She kept saying she needed to poop again. I asked her if she wanted to go in the potty and she said no. I told her to lay down on the living room floor and let me put a clean diaper on her and then she could poop. She laid down, I took her diaper off and then she yelled at me "I WANNA GO ON THE POTTY!" I helped her up and told her to go in there. She went and sat down and peed and peed and peed for the longest time! I was SO PROUD of her! She acted like it was no big thang, like it's old news...she stood up, I wiped her, told her good job and she told me to dump it. She's doing so well, we really hope this continues!! At this rate she may be well on the way to being potty trained by the time she turns two!

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