Saturday, February 16, 2008


A lady from the bail bond place called me today. My dad's bond was $25,000, not $19,000 like we'd originally thought. She was incredibly nice. She wanted me to cosign for my dad so he could get out of jail. I could tell she felt bad about asking me. She told me he had some pretty serious charges against him. I told her I wouldn't do it. She said "Do you think he's not going to show up to court? Because I don't want to call all these people if it's hopeless..." I told her I think he needs to stay in jail and pay for what he did. She agreed with me. I told her to have a great weekend.

So my insane grandma bailed him out. Hopefully I don't hear from either one ever again.

So that's the update on that issue.

On a better note, Hailey is getting so close to potty training herself completely. She is so amazing, I'm so proud of her. She's been peeing on the potty multiple times at school during the day. Then today after her bath I was at her dresser finding her some clothes to wear. She climbed up on her bed butt naked. I told her she better not pee on her bed. Not a minute later she started peeing! She gasped, stopped peeing, looked up at me and said "OH NO! I PEE!" I told her to hurry and go to the bathroom to go on the potty. She climbed down, ran in there, opened the lid to her potty and sat down. I heard her call to me from the bathroom "Mommy I did it!" I was so proud of her that she noticed she was going, stopped mid stream and finished in the potty! Of course when I went in the bathroom I found her pulling a piece of pee soaked TP out of her potty because she'd wiped herself and put it in her potty instead of the big potty and was trying to correct her I had to wash her hands and clean up her pee drips all over her potty...but hey, she's getting the hang of it! :o) I looked at 2T little girl undies at Walmart today...SO CUTE. I can't wait! She's growing up so fast!

Hailey fell into a corner tonight and gave herself a huge bruise on her head. It looks really scary but she seems to be okay. I used to have those foam pads on the corners lining our front hallway. They kept falling off so I threw them away. Now I'm kicking myself because the accident could have been prevented. I'm buying new pads tomorrow.

Hailey and I took my mom to Olive Garden for lunch today. I used my gift card that my sister and brother in law gave me for my bday back in December. We stuffed ourselves. Hailey refused to eat any pasta!! She's nuts! Our waiter (Nick, Hailey loved him) gave her a saucer-sized plate. She had about 6 plates of salad. Her eating habits are so odd for a toddler! Guess she just takes after me. :o)

Hailey's new favorite place to go play...the Dollar Tree store by our house. When we go to Walmart she begs to go in the Dollar Tree which is in the same strip mall. I love that store so I really don't mind...I think it's so funny though that she loves it as much as I do. I LOVE bargains! I also love cleaning, and loaded up on some new cleaning supplies at Walmart today. Toilet bowl cleaner(you don't even have to scrub w/ this stuff, just squirt it on, let it sit a few minutes, flush and VOILA the toilet looks brand new!), Clorox anywhere spray, antibacterial kitchen cleaner, a new brush/dustpan set to clean up the kitty litter on our master bath floor...I'm so excited. I'm easily pleased!

My mom's keeping Hailey tonight. I missed her the minute she left. I know D and I need time alone and I need some rest...but I can't help it, I'm obsessed with her. We rented Mr. Woodcock, we love Seann William Scott...he's hilarious! I have leftover ziti from lunch. D did the dishes.

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Mof2 said...

Yay! I am so happy for Hailey..And ya'll too! Soon no more diaper days! Kelsie has been potty trained for a while now. She only wears diapers at night time. The only thing that is bad about the whole potty training thing is going in public!! ECK!