Monday, February 4, 2008

Crayola rocks!!

I stole this post idea from Jaime over at Mom Around the Clock. She posted about these and I just had to share! I had twistable crayons when I was a little girl and loved them. They were some of my most prized possessions! We couldn't find any for years until recently when we found some shorter ones in the LTD Commodities catalog and ordered a set of them for Hailey. I'm super excited that Crayola has come out with them now and plan to buy Hailey a set for her upcoming birthday!!


Mof2 said...

I love all things Crayola! They have some of the neatest and coolest things. Oh, the girls love Crayola too, haha.

littlesunshine said...

LOL... I just read about these on Jamie's blog. I have some too and I have to say they are fabulous! ;)

Jaime said...

LOL!!! I love these too =)