Friday, February 29, 2008


We didn't get to go to Olive Garden at lunch :( I was so excited too. My mom felt so bad, but she'd just gone to get her passport (her boyfriend is taking her to Jamaica on a company trip in April!) before lunch and the post office charged her an extra $40 or so in fees that weren't stated on the website! I don't think that's right...they should say $140 plus shipping or something, not just "Only $140" or whatever it states! Anywho, no biggie. Was just as nice eating a frozen Marie Calendar's meal while talking to my mom at her house. I feel so bad for her. I know I mentioned her situation in my post where I freaked out and told my stinking life story pretty she took this 9 month, lower paying job because her boyfriend had talked about them moving in together and then suddenly he backed off a lot and here she is stuck, not bringing in enough money, sucky benefits etc...and none of the insurance companies here in town will hire her because it's like there's some unspoken rule between the companies that they don't hire each other's employees. Seriously it's weird. Unless the person is very trained in a highly specialized field, but that's very rare. She's sort of stuck where she's at. And her part time, good-paying job cut expenses after she left and dropped her position. I just wish so bad I was financially set and could help her out. She's always worked so hard to support me all my life, and now as an adult is having a hard time supporting herself all of a sudden. Things cost too much and she makes too little (less than I do, which makes me feel so bad--I just got really lucky and went into a field that I can still make some money in w/ no education). It's also hard not to sort of try and lecture her...I mean just nicely tell her "Well you know if you did this" or "if you tried this." When she has money, like she used to, it's no problem. But now that she's on such a tight budget, it really matters how she handles it, what things she pays when etc...and it's not like she just blows money left and right. She just doesn't necessarily "manage" it well. Doesn't keep track like I do, of everything she spends money, gas, bills. I always have to know at least roughly how much money I have in my account or I feel sick about it. I'm also an awesome bargain hunter and as my mom says, I can "squeeze a nickel and pop out a dollar." :) I've offered to sit down with her and help her figure out a plan of action to get her back on track many times over the years, but she always declines. She says it won't help, but I think it might be at least partly because what mother wants their kid telling them how to handle their life like that? Anyway, she's a really nice, normal person...just needs a different job, that's all.

Dan and I are probably getting Wendy's tonight, and going to see a movie. So that's exciting. I'm making Dan not go to work. I love that he has such a flexible schedule. He'd only make about $9.50 tonight since they close an hour I say, what's the point. Getting to spend an evening with him is much more important to me than $9.50. :) My mom's going to watch Hailey for us. Not sure where yet, she might have her keep her at our house and put her to bed in her own bed...she's come down with yet another cold, as I've said before, and I think she'd sleep better in her own bed if she's coughing and whatnot.

My mom checked out the book 'Remember Me?' by Sophie Kinsella today. It's her newest release, I'm super excited to read it! It's a "Most Wanted" so I've only got a week! My mom started to read it first before she gave it to me. I asked her why she didn't want to finish it. Her response: "Are ALL her books British?" I told her yes, they're all set over in London or around there. Apparently, she doesn't like that whole culture much! Drives her nuts how they talk! LOL I never knew this about my mother. I love their words for things...I wish I could say "nappy" for diaper or "sodding" whatever when I'm mad. I would love to visit London some day (you know, if I didn't have that whole fear of flying thing going on). My mom and I are so alike, yet so different. :)


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