Monday, February 25, 2008

The other side

So this is also NOT what I wanted to write about today. But I need to get it out. There are two sides to every story. I know that. Every time something happens with my dad I always wait to hear both sides and then make my decision on where I stand w/ whatever the issue is. This time, what they said about my dad was so insane, I automatically thought he'd cracked and went nutty and believed every damn word that was being fed to me. UGH

My dad's side of the story is that he called out to my step-sister's to talk to my little brother. They wouldn't let him get on the phone. My dad says he could hear my little brother in the background wanting to talk to him. Apparently they put some guy on the phone, a neighbor, that threatened my dad. My dad says that made him lose it, because of his "psychological problems" and he went out there to get his son. He also said he wasn't drunk, which I believe because he passed a breathalyser. But that's when his story doesn't fit. He says he went right out to get my brother...ok so why did he call and threaten my step-mom's parents? The evidence that that really happened is right there on casenet, where they state that both her parents have ex-parte's against him as of that night. And also, they went to a bar before going out to my step-sister's...I know that happened because my brother got arrested at this bar! My dad then bailed him out of jail, THEN they went out to my step-sister's. He says he knocked on the door and they let them in. My step-mom hugged my brother (not her son) and my dad says he went over to the neighbor guy that threatened him on the phone and told him NOBODY comes between him and his son (my little brother). He says then all hell broke loose. My dad has 2 broken ribs, so they did beat him. Nobody else in the family (even my step-sister whom he supposedly choked) has a mark on them. He said when he realized that it was all a set up and that they'd had that guy provoke him because they KNEW what his response would be, he jumped in the car and left. He said he sort of blacked out at that point and all he remembers is swerving around a car (that would be a cop!) and then a bunch of flashing lights and a bunch of cops pointing guns at him. Then he went to jail.

So, he swears he wasn't drinking. He wasn't, that was proved. But what he's completely failing to acknowledge here is EVERYTHING that happened between him and I that night. How I called him on my way to physical therapy and told him I was bringing the dog by that he asked me to do it another night because he said "to be honest with you I'm pretty lit." So he WAS on something that night. Whether he's avoiding that whole topic because he knew he hurt my feelings and doesn't want to confront the fact, or whether he's avoiding it because he KNOWS he told me he was high on something...I'll never know.

Another factor in the story that I didn't know until now. My step-sister (the idiot that she is--I'm not being judgmental here but she's not the brightest)filed fraudulent taxes and her husband (they're separated because he's a LOSER) somehow found out about it. She's blaming my dad. What she doesn't realize is it wasn't my dad that told him, it was my little brother. My little brother has a big mouth. You cannot tell him ANYTHING you don't want somebody to know. Bless his heart he just can't keep secrets. The family knows this. It's my step-sister's fault for letting my little brother know what she was in trouble for. (Ok I was totally curious about how she filed fraudulently...basically she can only claim 2 of her kids on her taxes and her husband was supposed to be able to claim my youngest nephew. Well my step-sister had my sister-in-law's MOTHER claim her youngest son!! HELLO, STUPID! And my sister-in-law's mother and my step-sister split the money. This whole situation is incredibly stupid! How in the world did she think she could get away with that?? And it's illegal! Why would she even THINK about doing that?? UGH! STUPID!) So basically my dad is saying this whole situation was a set-up, to get back at him for telling my step-sister's husband what she did, and my dad is not the one that told him.


So I don't know what the hell to believe. I know some parts of each side are true. I know some parts of each side are huge lies. My problem here is that yes my dad is insane, yes he scares me at times, and yes he has hurt people in the past. But the other side is also just as nutty, and they've done bad things too. Here I was wishing my dad would go to jail for life when maybe he WAS set up, maybe this WASN'T all his fault and maybe he DIDN'T do all the things they said he did. I hate not knowing who to believe. I don't want to be around my dad if that stuff really did happen, but if it didn't I don't want to punish him for it by being cold and uncaring to him. I mean he's my dad. It's just a really tough situation. Luckily for the time being I seem to be dealing with it okay and staying on the good side of both parties. I guess that's all I really can do. And if the other side of the family gets mad at me for it. Well I guess tough shit. I can't please everybody, and frankly they aren't a big part of my life at all so at this point, with as much as I have going on and as much stress as I seem to keep coming across if I have to cut them out of my life then so be it.

Really, I just hate being lied to. It really hurts my feelings.

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