Monday, February 25, 2008


Hailey had one of the worst cases of stinky toots tonight that she has ever had. The poor thing, after we turned her light off tonight I had to lay there in a huge cloud of EW. True SBD's, let me tell you. I asked her if she had a tummy ache and she said "yea" in a sort of pitiful way. She was acting really weird when my mom picked her up today (I had physical therapy after work) growling at my mom and hitting her and stuff and that is NOT like her. She was acting wired all night too, but she hadn't had any sugar. She had a pretty stinky poop before her bath too. I am praying to God that she's just having a bit of a belly issue and hasn't caught a bug. Colds are one thing, I can handle colds. Throwing up and diarea?? HORRIBLE. I know nobody LIKES that of course, and I handle it just fine but I just DREAD it like nothing else. And I have no time left to take off work. And now my tummy is on the fritz, and I'm hoping it's just from basking in her horrendous SBD cloud and not that I have a bug too. I took a Zofran. PLEASE God let it help...

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