Friday, February 1, 2008


I finally responded to my friend after she messaged me again. I just told her I thought she misunderstood what I was saying and that I thought what Hailey did was cute, not annoying. She messaged back and said she felt so bad for how she'd sounded in her message. She said she did sound snippy and it did sound like she was saying Hailey was a drama queen. I didn't tell her I thought that, this was coming from her own thoughts. She said she was just thinking about her nieces and how annoying they are and related it to a situation w/ my inlaws and nephews which made me totally understand where she was coming from. She also said she thinks of Hailey as her virtual daughter of sorts since she's "known" her since before she was born LOL I'm glad we ironed things out. I know it seems odd that she's in Canada, we've never met, yet we're still really close seemed really odd to me at first too! But if you click with somebody, you just do.

This just goes to show how hard it is to convey feelings over email. I love email as a means of communication. I prefer it over talking on the phone even. All the friends I keep in touch with on a regular basis I am able to do so because of email (or messaging/commenting on sites such as MySpace and Facebook) because they know I hate talking on the phone and rarely have time to get together in person! Phone text messaging is also something I've started to pick up. It allows me to send a quick note to anybody I want no matter where I am, without having to call them! I've realized that all the friends and family I'm close to are the same way...I guess that's why we're so close! But like I said, it's hard to convey emotions through typed words...this has caused problems in the past. Me taking something wrong or a friend taking something wrong that I've said. You lose the tone of voice that you get over the phone (descriptions such as LOL and :o) are no replacement) and the body language that you get when talking in person. It makes things a bit more difficult...I guess it's just my anti-social tendencies coming out, because I still prefer email over personal conversation!

It's funny, because with that said...I wish my Canada friend and I lived closer because I'm sure we'd be keeping each other company a lot of the time! We can ramble on forever to each other. It would be so much fun to be able to go get coffee together and just talk! And I'm sure our kids would be the best of friends. :o)


Wendy said...

I am glad that you two were able to figure it all out:) I too hate talking on the phone. I am not sure why, but I avoid it at all costs. I even turn the ringer off on my home phone a lot. Michael gets so mad, but if there is an emergency then all the important people know my cell:)

Kayce said...

I'm glad you got everything worked out. I figured it was probably just a misunderstanding.

I'm so bad about not saying what I really mean in e-mail (or on blogs) and misreading what other people are trying to say. But I, too, don't talk on the phone much, other than to my mom or hubby. I tend to interrupt people and hate being interrupted back. It's so much easier with e-mail, where each person gets a chance to say what they want without interruption.