Friday, February 15, 2008

Did I mention I'm not a dog person???

I got to my mom's house today at lunch time, ready to eat my lunch and read the 7th Potter book (this is my 3rd time reading it, I don't know why, I just like to read that certain book at lunch) and OH MY GOD. My sister's dog had pooped ALL OVER the floor upstairs, had torn the poop into little pieces, had walked through it and had it stuck to her feet and was EATING IT right in front of me. BLEGH!!!!!!!! I spent my lunch hour cleaning the mess up, shoving the nasty dog away from me and apparently bleaching my mom's carpets (oops, I didn't know what cleaner to use--wrong one--at least the poop is gone). I was so fed up I called our vet that is owned by our family friends and asked them how much they charge to board a 7 lb. dog. They said $8.00. I thought she must have heard me wrong and like a doofus I said "No, like when you go on vacation and you keep the dog, how much do you charge for that?" She very nicely and patiently said "We charge $8.00 a night." Again, doofus me... "Then you keep them all day too?" Nice lady: "Yes, all night and all day and we feed them Science Diet food twice a day and walk them twice a day. They get chewy bones and toys and attention." I said "Can I bring her right now?" So, she's gone. I told them thank GOD for them, that they are a blessing and that if I'd known it was that stinking cheap I would have been there a few days ago!!

So, one less thing to worry about...

As they came out to get the dog they were oohing and aahing over her and babytalking to her and letting her lick all over their faces...and all I could think was "Ok she just ate her own shit..." Did I mention I'm not a dog person??????

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Wendy said...

EWWW! That's just nasty!!! I am not a dog person either. I would love to have one if they stayed small, never shed, never shit, and never smelled:) LOL!! I can't believe how cheap the boarding lucky on that one.