Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday already!!

Good things about last night:

~I got the laundry on the couch folded and put away, so I can lay on my couch again

~My bathroom cupboard is filled with clean towels

~The mountain of laundry in my kitchen is slowly dwindling because I've been doing laundry all weekend!

~Clean rugs in the bathroom

~A clean kitchen countertop, thanks to my mom who helped me out for the night

~Yummy spaghetti for dinner, again thanks to my mom (She loves it, I provide the food and she cooks it! Works out great!)

~CLEAN dining table! We were able to eat at the table for the first time in months! D kept Hailey busy while dinner was cooking so she didn't feel the need to graze and then sitting at the table she ate a ton!

~Much nicer to walk into a house w/ a neat and tidy dining room since it's the first thing you see

~Hailey WANTED to go to bed last night, she told me she was tired...thank goodness because I was exhausted!

~I got my sling in the mail last night! Only problem with it is because I'm so tiny when I try to sinch it up the padding needs to go through the rings but won' warns about this one the website, says it will loosen up over time. I need to watch the tutorials again, I feel like I must be doing something wrong...the rings keep twisting together a bit, if that makes any sense. LOVED the back of the "invoice" I got that was taped to the front of the package...a little kid had scribbled all over it in orange marker, it was too cute!! I'll take a picture tonight to put on here. Made me feel good about buying the sling.

~Even though D refused to run by the store and get more spag. sauce since he just walked in the door and I'd been home for an hour and had been cleaning and was exhausted w/ this cold...I didn't lose my cool. I got in the car, went to HellMart, got it myself, came home and acted pleasantly towards everybody. No need for that to ruin the night. Turned out to be a really good night because of how I reacted to that situation. See, I really am trying here!

~My mom painted my nails, and Hailey's nails too. And her own. All the same color. We match! LOL I love it though. Something about having nicely painted nails, makes me feel that much more put together even though I look like hell from this cold! LOL

~Not having to worry about what to wear the next day since most of our clothes are clean!

~I rearranged the clothes in Hailey's dresser. Now as long as I don't wash any more of her dirty clothes, everything fits! :)

~As I was rearranging Hailey's dresser she ran into her bedroom, shook her hands and said "OH MY GOSH MOMMY! Olga's shoes, slgkhaglkdjadf, so funny!!" It was the cutest/funniest thing ever. My mom was wearing a set of slippers but she was wearing one red one and one blue one. That's it. Apparently to an almost 2 year old, this is HIL-ARIOUS!

~Hailey watched American Idol with us and clapped really hard after each guy was done singing and instructed us to clap. (Some of the guys are pretty good this time! Can't wait to see the girls tonight!)

~Something good about this morning...Hailey was in a great mood when I got her up, I got to work only 3 minutes late and my mom brought me juice (cranberry, apple, rasberry) and some cherry donuts to work! YUM!


Wendy said...

Look at all this positive stuff going on:) Yay for's stressful, but so worth it!! Oh, and I found with my sling, that I needed to get bigger rings. If you go to she has information on how to do that. Just search her blog or email her. Andrea is nice and more than willing to help!! She was the one who suggested it to me.

Jaime said...

It sounds like you had a great night, I'm so glad~!! I bet your nails look amazing, what a great Mom you have! ;)