Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm not really the biggest fan of Wendy's. I used to work a few blocks away from one (when I worked at the hell hole) which was on the crappy side of town. Once I found a long black hair in my burger. Another time while eating a grilled chicken salad I bit into one of the chicken's joints. YUCK. So I hadn't gone in years. Then I started working here, on the nice side of town, right by the mall and the "nice" Wendy's. Everybody here loved it so I tried it out one day, and I have to say I was pretty darned impressed. And now they've come out with their new Premium Fish Fillet is SO GOOD! Much better than McD's by far. Even my husband loves it and he's not a big fish eater! Last Sunday was my sister's 21st birthday. We told her we'd take her out to eat. She ended up picking TGI Friday's. Later on that evening after she'd gone home D turned to me and said "Ok I have to tell you something. All those places she was trying to choose from and I was really thinking 'Can't we just go to Wendy's?'" Which is hilarious, because I was thinking the same damned thing. So tomorrow night if my mom can watch Hailey we're going for fish sandwiches and a movie. We're SO exciting!! :o)


littlesunshine said...

I love greasy food! I will have to try this! LOL

Mof2 said...

I love their hamburgers! I am a picky fish eater though, I guess that is because I live on the coast and eat fresh fish a lot. I will have to tell Zack about it though, because he loves the McD's fish sandwich. Dinner and a movie sounds great...I hope y'all get to go!! :)

Wendy said...

I would go to Wendy's all the time if they had better fries:)