Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ick (and Cars are for girls too!)

Ugh, I'm sick of stomach issues. I'm quite sure they've flared up because of all the stress in my life right now. D and I hadn't been getting along, my stepmom and dad are still in the middle of a messy divorce--that's brought all kinds of lovely issues to our lives--work hasn't been the greatest and I'm also trying to deal w/ my health issues and going to physical therapy twice a week which makes me not get home til late those nights. Yesterday the problems between D and I came to a head at lunch time and it was pretty obvious that my stress has been, if not actually causing the stomach issues, at least irritating them to some degree. Luckily we worked things out (I hope it sticks), had my mom come watch Hailey for the evening and went on a much needed date night to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early. We went out to eat and I was STARVING after not eating much for the past few days (and actually I hadn't eaten anything for lunch yesterday at all because of the issues between D and I) so even though I didn't completely pig out, I probably didn't make the best choices as far as the type of food I ate. I had about 2/3 of a salad--hard on my stomach, but I LOOOOVE salad!--two mozzarella sticks, 5 fried shrimp, a few fries, a few bites of cole slaw and a little parfait thing w/ crushed oreos, chocolate mousse and whipped cream. SO GOOD. I'm paying for it today though. I woke up this morning feeling sick and snoozed the alarm for 20 minutes before I felt like I could get out of bed without throwing up. I got to work 10 minutes late and I've been running to the bathroom off and on all morning. Lovely. I've also got some lovely indigestion to go along with it. I haven't had these problems since I worked at my last job. It's amazing what stress can do to your body.

We did have a great date night though. We talked while we ate and then ran over to the mall to get Jelly Bellies for me and a book for him, although he didn't end up buying one. We bought my mom a small Valentine's Day present (comfy fuzzy socks and some choc. covered almonds) and D got Hailey a little present from him--she's OBSESSED with the movie Cars lately...we've watched it at least once a day for the past month--a Lightening McQueen car, Doc Hudson and my favorite, Guido and Luigi! Guido even has a removable wig of hair--from the race scene, the red/white/green fro! Too cute! We had a really good time. Hopefully we can continue like this and start building our relationship back up again.

Hailey's sitter got Hailey the Mater car and gave it to her this morning...she immediately hugged it to her chest and instructed everyone not to touch it. She LOVES Mater. I'm sure she's not going to let that thing out of her site now! It may even replace her Cars blanket as her new "lovie!" :o)


Erin said...

That is when my stomach issues flare up as well! It totally sucks because it just adds one more thing to the pile of stuff to stress over! Oh, and SD LOVES cars of anykind. Santa brought her a Cars (the movie) book and it is one of her favorites. She has never seen the movie, but I am sure she would love it! I think a well rounded girl is good!

Mof2 said...

Stress can do a number on a persons body. Hopefully everything will work out on it's own, soon. Kelsie has only seen Cars once, wasn't that into it. She is more on an animal kinda girl. George is her fav. Although Kayla favors any Disney Pixar movie, Cars included!

littlesunshine said...

I know exactly how your tummy feels. That's the first thing that gets upset when I get stressed. My problem is I love coffee and it always makes the problem worse. My hubby and I just came through some rough times so I hope you two can talk it out.