Monday, August 27, 2007


I think my husband’s gone nuts. He won’t quit bringing up this whole baby thing. Apparently he was a little more excited about the whole thing than I thought. I think I wrote before about how he is wanting again to try in December like we’d originally planned…he brings this to my attention AFTER I’ve already told the families we’ll be waiting(to their relief, which really TICKS me off…they just can’t be happy no matter what can they, planned, not planned, it’s all the same as long as it’s US having the baby…grrrr…) and now not only is he wanting to still try in December, but lately he’s been hinting at trying sooner!! I don’t know what’s gotten into him. Last night I’m laying in bed coughing, so un-sexy, trying to get to sleep, and he starts harassing me about making a baby. I made the mistake of telling him we are most certainly NOT doing anything of that sort right now because I’m on antibiotics, which lower the effectiveness of my pills. You would have thought he’d recoil away in horror, right? No, quite the opposite actually. He got all excited at the possibility of an “oops” baby. He assured me it would be okay because he’d be out of school by the time it was born(seriously, has he been thinking about this or something?? How did he know that quickly when the due date would be if we were to get pregnant this month? It’s not like he hesitated before he said this to give himself time to think…) I told him I was not going to take the chance on that happening because what if he doesn’t find a job right away, then where would that leave us? With two kids and even less money than we have now…and instead of saying “yea, you’re right” he just reassured me “But we had an oops with Hailey, and look everything’s worked out just fine!” !!!!!!!!!! Seriously??? Was my husband really laying there trying to persuade ME to have a baby???? What has this world come to??? I very sweetly told him we’d discuss the matter later, but that we were past the chance this month for anything to maybe happen anyway, so to back off and let me try to get some sleep. I knew he wants another baby, but I didn’t realize he wants another one just as badly as I do…if not a little more, as it seems from the conversation we had last night. Unfortunately we’re not at a place in our lives right now where that would be a smart thing to do. But he’s only got 9 more months of school left and then we’ll be able to get on with our lives. We’re so excited to finally be a “normal” family and move on with our lives.

This is what my daughter looked like last night:

Last night, Hailey was running around blabbering about Lord knows what when all of a sudden she stopped…flopped down on all fours…put her head down…and starting making these awful wretching noises. My first thought was OH GOD she’s choking, she’s getting sick, she’s choking and getting sick!!!! And then she made this BLEGH sound, stopped, looked up at me, and stood up. Only to do it again. And I realized exactly what she was doing. She looked EXACTLY like Puss In Boots coughing up his hairball in Shrek 2. The movie she’d just watched at my mom’s that very afternoon. I asked her if she was coughing up a hairball like the kitty on Shrek and she said “um huh!” and walked over and got her big Shrek stuffed animal and blabbered on and on to him. I laughed SO HARD. I was in shock. What on earth made her do that all of a sudden?? Kids are so weird.

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