Thursday, August 16, 2007

Don't you just love family??

My grandma called me last night. The first thing out of her mouth..."I just got off the phone with your dad..." Oh jeez. I knew what was coming. "He says you aren't happy with him and don't want to be around him and won't let him ever watch Hailey".... WHAT.THE.F*** I swear, I am so sick of that man. I have never said any of that to him. I haven't even talked to him since the night he called me and told me not to make fun of Jehovah's Witnesses. Which I told my Grandma that pissed me off. He also apparently told my grandma I never call him. Yea, newsflash here people, I DON'T CALL ANYBODY(except my mom)!! I never have, so what on earth has changed to where NOW it's weird, NOW it's personal that I'm not calling them?? I just flat out told my grandma that it has gotten to a point just now, where yea I'm going to start pulling away from the family because I'm sick of all the bullsh*t...I told her my dad is just being melodramatic, I have not talked to him and told him those things, and he needs to quit making it up in his head. And what did she do? Blamed in on my sister. She said whatever A's been telling me is a lie...she said she HAS been telling my dad more than she said she has. If this is the case, well that really pisses me off too, because 1. I don't say the things she supposedly tells him, and 2. even if I did it wouldn't be her place to let him know what I said! When will they all grow up? I don't think things are ever going to change. And my grandma is just like the rest of them. Last night after I flat out told her I don't give a flying crap what goes on in the family anymore, and I'm sorry if that sounds bad but I just don't care...she still kept talking about it. HELLO, I DON'T CARE. I don't care who hurts who, who said what, who cheated on who, who's in jail, who's in the hospital for some overly exxagerated illness...none of it. I don't care anymore. They can all be psycho and dramatic together, but I don't want any part of it. And of course...the one weekend lately that D has absolutely NOTHING going on...I have to go to my grandma's Sunday. Probably to hear more drama. SIGH And of course, D won't go with me. Because like I said, he won't spend time around my family.

Speaking of family, my MIL is coming over tonight. To see what I've done w/ the scrapbook. Which isn't a whole lot, because I don't have any pictures to put in it! When she told me a while back she was planning to buy it for us, she said she's printed a ton of wedding photos(we own the copyright, she bought it from the photographer!) and I could pick which ones I wanted. Well anytime I mention that now, she changes the subject. So I'm a bit sad...I have no way of printing any photos, for the wedding book or for Hailey's. The Kodak Easyshare printer is so hit and miss about working, plus it takes forever to print just one photo and all you can print is 4x6 or smaller. And we have no ink for our nice printer/scanner/copier and no money to go buy ink. :o( So instead of working on the scrapbooks lately I've been re-reading the 6th Harry Potter book before I start on #7. I know, I'm hurrying Mom of 2!!!

Well that's about it. Hailey was pretty sassy last night, threw a couple tantrums. One because she didn't want to leave the house. Then we went to a used children's store(where I sold the Takealong swing she always hated and a snowsuit she never wore, for 22$!!!) and she threw one because she didn't want to leave the play area there. Then another one in Halmark where we went for her to pick my mom out a card for her birthday. She even threw puzzle pieces in Halmark. Then she grabbed their nice packages of candy and went crazy, throwing them all on the floor. Oh God it was embarrassing. Oh and she kept trying to bite my shoulder out of sheer frustration and anger. And then we got home, and she was fine. She said a couple new things. Of coures now I can't remember half of it...but I do remember when we left the sitter's she said "see ya!"

I can't believe it's already Thursday. This week has flown by. Thank God!

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