Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ups and downs

Today's annoyances:

~At lunch my co-worker kept pushing and prodding and mixing and smashing his salad all over his plate while eating. Drove me a bit nutty. Just eat the salad and get it over with. It was like a salad mash by the time he was done. My mom does this too, but not quite as bad.

~It's hot as a crotch outside.

~My pee smells like the nasty tasting antibiotic pill that I'm on to get rid of the icky strep I had last week. Nothing like having to smell/taste the pill as it's going in and then smelling that same smell every time I go pee...

~I have a HUGE zit on my forehead. I'm 24, when are the breakouts supposed to stop, seriously? Nothing helps. And this one freaking hurts. It makes me feel icky, to walk around with a big ol zit on my forehead.

~My boss mentioned the fact that I get here about 5 to 10 mins. late every day by slipping it into a general conversation we were having about our kids...wouldn't have irritated me except it totally caught me off guard since we were talking about our kids, and then right after that she walked off...like she was only talking to me til she got up the courage to remind me to get here on time.

~The fact that I HAVE to get here right at 7:30 now, not 7:35, bugs me...because I'm not a morning person at ALL, and when they all get here in the morning they clog up the break room all chit-chatting about their nights etc. and if I just walk through to clock in and go straight to my desk people start to hate me. So I generally enjoy Hailey making me late to work every day, so I can avoid this conflict altogether. Now I have to come up with a new plan and force Hailey to get even less sleep than she already is...

Good things about today:

~As I was looking at my big ol zit in the bathroom mirror at work, I noticed that I have really pretty natural highlights in my hair!!

~The work day is 3/4 of the way over with.

~I'm feeling way more positive about the upcoming months because we won't be under such financial strain as we have been in the past, which means since tomorrow is payday I can go grocery shopping tonight! Then I get to go home and put the groceries away in my CLEAN kitchen that I worked so hard on last night!

~I have begun counting down the months til D graduates, and lately each day that goes by feels one day closer to freedom for me. I have decided I will not be unhappy forever, that once he gets a job I'm doing what will make me happy FINALLY.

~My husband stuck up for me today. This hasn't happened often in the past. Last night our 2 neighbors two houses down were out front in their SUV w/ their music thumping so loud it was vibrating in my house. Then they started to lay on the horn. It pissed me off. We were trying to get Hailey settled down for the evening! So I opened my front door and yelled at them "Come ON, other people live here too!!" And soon after they left. D told me on the phone today that our new neighbor yelled to him this morning "Hey --our last name-- what was your woman yelling at me for last night??" D recognized the guy but couldn't remember his name--we went to school with him, great. He actually stuck up for me and told the guy "I don't know but I'm sure if she was yelling at you for being loud it was because she was trying to get my daughter to bed!!" And the guy said "Oh, well yea I guess that would be a good reason." I hope it made him feel like a jack ass for being so rude. Anyway, D told me to stay away from the guy. I thought he looked familiar, and we put two and two together and realized it's a guy from highschool that was rumored to have beat up his girlfriend. Nice. If I need to, believe me, I will complain to the Association about him. So yea I guess that was both a gripe and a good thing, all rolled into one.

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