Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I've always hated it when people call it "Hump Day"

In the hallway by my office there’s a sink area. I think of it as the “plant spa”…yes I am aware I’m a huge nerd. But there’s always a plant sitting there, soaking up the water. For some reason, each of the plants in the office get to spend some time in this sink about once a week. Somehow, it rejuvenates them. It’s nice and dark and quiet and moist. Every time I walk by and see a little plant sitting there in the sink it makes me smile. Yes I am easily entertained, and I enjoy the little things in life. :o)

On a more serious note…you know that bridge that collapsed? It’s been all over the news lately. Well my husband drove across that bridge every time he went to Canada. It just makes it more real somehow, knowing that he’s actually been on that very bridge. I haven’t been a lot of places, we’ve never traveled…I’ve never seen mountains or the ocean or a huge city…it’s just hard for me to see things on TV and really comprehend the magnitude of what happened or what’s going on, when I haven’t experienced anything like that before. Does everybody have that problem?? Maybe it’s just me…anyway when he told me that it really bothered me for some reason. And I’ve been thinking about it lately. The whole situation only made my fear of bridges worse, esp. now that I know he was actually on that very bridge at different points in his life. Anyway it’s just been bugging me lately…

Hailey hugged my legs this morning so tight at the sitters and wouldn’t let go. I was late to work because of this. A whole 6 minutes late. I had to pry her off. I absolutely hate the fact that I have to feel bad about being 6 minutes late to work, when the reason was because of my daughter hugging me. That’s just not right.

I’ve started to think about fall clothes/shoes for Hailey. I ordered her a shirt from Old Navy because I thought it was too cute to pass up. I ordered one for myself while I was at it, since it was on sale.

Hailey's shirt:

My shirt:

I also ordered a couple things from LTD. This cute calendar that I can personalize every month w/ a photo was only 4.95...

And I LOVE this bench for Hailey's room! It was only like 27.95...

When I woke up this morning the sky was overcast, and I actually got really excited thinking it might storm and give us a break from this horrible heat! But on the way to work my hopes were smashed when the radio announced there wouldn’t be any storms in this area…and then went on to say the high for today is 99 w/ a heat index of 107. Seriously it’s getting a bit ridiculous…my flowers are all almost fried. One pot is completely brown and crunchy. I water them at least once a night. Sometimes twice. The grass is all hard and stiff. The sidewalk drawings from the neighbor kids from over a week and a half ago are STILL THERE on my front porch. I’m daydreaming constantly of fall and winter. Even snow! This heat has got to end soon. It’s even too hot to swim.

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Wendy said...

It has been hot and humid here too! We rarely get weather like that so it really stinks! Thank goodness we are back to normal today:)Takes a good front to bring down some of that cold canadian air to cool us down!!

I love that bench. It would match Lanis bedding perfectly!!