Monday, August 6, 2007


It's HOT outside. The kind of hot where you walk outside and feel like you've just walked into an oven. It's hard to breathe. It feels like suffocating. Tonight, I'm shaving my's capris for me the rest of the week.

So here's a brief rundown of last week:

Monday: Hailey has a rash on her feet that she insists I itch when I get her up in the morning. I obviously can't take her to the sitter since it may be something contagious. Dr. appt. not til 11:45...just great. So I take the whole day off. He says it's a sweat rash, she's fine, even though I tell him she was exposed to strep last week--a 2 yr. old girl, her only symptoms being a rash and a fever...

Tuesday: Hailey goes back to the sitter. All seems well with the world. My MIL takes Hailey and I shopping for a scrapbook and accessories for our 1 year wedding anniversary(so excited about this, although I have next to no ideas whatsoever--Help Wendy!!) When we get home, I discover although she's acting fine, Hailey's running a fever.

Wednesday: Hailey's fever is almost 103, I make another dr. appt for sometime this morning. MAKE them do a strep test. Dr. says if he went to Vegas he'd bet money on her NOT having strep. 10 minutes later he comes back in the room and says "Well, that's why we do the test, she's got strep"...thank you--I'm sorry but a mother knows...and here my husband was so pissed at me for making them swab her throat when he just KNEW she didn't have it because the Dr. said she didnt. Anyway, they gave her a prescription for Keflex and sent us on our way. I made myself a dr. appointment to have a strep test done. It came up negative.

Thursday: She's still not any better. More time off work. I'm thinking my throat is starting to hurt a bit.

Friday: I'm in full blown strep. By this evening I can barely breathe. I called the dr. and they called me in a prescription. My mom was supposed to take Hailey to her house to give me time to rest. I wouldn't let her leave though, because D wasn't home and I was seriously afraid my throat was going to swell even more and I wouldn't be able to breathe. After a vaporizor and massive doses of medicine and hot tea I could breathe again although I still hurt like hell ALL OVER. By this evening Hailey's fever is gone.

This weekend was...a horrible weekend. I don't even feel like posting about it. Hailey's fine, although Saturday her rash blew up and it's now covering her whole body. D kept her home this morning and the dr. office called me back saying they changed their minds and DO in fact want to see her to make sure it's not a reaction to her medicine. My mom's taking her, seeing as how I have no more time off work left after last week. And MY.HEAD.IS.POUNDING. Tonight I have to do massive amounts of laundry. I have a mountain in my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen(as that's where the laundry facilities are)...I do not know how we make so much laundry, seeing as how we're just a little family of 3. I have decided when we get to be a family of 5 or so, I am investing in a 2nd washer/dryer set. :o)

Even under the circumstances I'm trying to have a positive outlook on the week. Thursday at lunch I should be able to start to read Harry Potter, since we're back to 1 hour lunches again at work. I'm going to slowly start going through all the clutter in my house and weeding it out, along with all of our clothes.

Hailey has been talking up a storm, as usual. She continues to amaze us every day, with the new words she says and how she strings sentences together seemingly out of nowhere. She's doing really well with the words "I, he, me, my" etc. She'll say "he my papa" and things of that sort. She's also saying something that sounds like "It's a..." as in "It's a airplane!" It's amazing to me that she can pick these words/phrases up just from hearing others talk, and then without needing any explanation whatsoever on the meaning, use them correctly. She's loving telling me "get up!"(while tugging on my sleeve or pant leg) while I'm trying to sit on my butt for ONCE. She's still doing great with her new bedtime routine, although we've cut out the toothbrushing for now. She continues to fall asleep every night while being read to, and she is even letting me read long books/stories to her now which I'm loving. And she seems to love all the same books I did as a little girl, so it's really neat to be able to take my old books and experience them all over again through her eyes. She's also working on physical movements. She loves brushing her hair, exclaiming "pretty hair!" and along with running she's also learned to stretch and march and stand on one foot(we're working on her balance on this one). Her Curious Buddies movie Let's Move has really taught her a lot of that stuff. Last night while one of the songs was playing we were in the bathroom brushing her hair(because she had gotten the brush out of the drawer) and she started doing the movements to the song! She wasn't even looking at the TV screen and just by the words she knew what to do. This was the first time I have ever seen her do that. It says "Shaka shake your hands hands hands" and she did that, and then it says something like "shake your hands down low low low, how low can you go go go, do the shakorama go go go" and she bent over and started shaking them by the floor...and then it says "shake your hands up high high high, way up to the sky sky sky" etc. and she did that too. And then the same with her feet, head, and body. This was just one of those things that really struck she's a KID now!

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