Monday, August 20, 2007

Office Politics

I'm so sick of working in an office. It doesn't matter where you work, there are always people there talking behind backs, causing drama. I'm just so tired of it, I cannot stress enough how much stress this puts on me. I NEVER wanted this for an occupation. I fell into it. I have no interest in Accounting, or even working in an office building! My mom worked at my previous place of know, the Hell Hole, my whole life. I always told her "I don't see how you work there, I could NEVER work at a place like that..." meaning an office building. And where did I end up? I tried to go back to school, get a degree, so I could do something I enjoyed. Like the field my husband is getting a degree in for instance. But I couldn't get into the University here, because I'd never taken the ACT's...and I didn't have the levels of Math required to go there. I got into the private college in town, which didn't have the degree program I was interested in...but I chose another field, only to have my advisor push me to get a 2 year business degree. Hello, that's why I was going back to school, to get AWAY from business! He was so adamant that I just suck it up and continue my current path that I never registered for classes. Instead I began saving up as much money as I could and moved out on my own. And well you know the rest... now, I'm just waiting. Waiting it out, putting up with all this crap every day...until we find out where we're going to be moving after D graduates. And then I can quit working, and finally FINALLY get away from all this. It's just so tiring, all the little petty day to day crap...if I'm going to be sitting at a computer I want it to be for fun, not work. And just now we had our staff meeting...the office secretary (who is a wonderful woman, very anal about everything, and is the reason this office runs so smoothly!) brought up a printing issue. While she was talking about it, I got the distinct feeling the "issue" was directed at me. I know I didn't do what they were saying "someone" had been doing wrong...but somehow someone thought I had done it. And what made it even worse than her announcing the issue to the whole office, was the fact that my two coworkers sitting near me, who were at the other end of this "issue" were whispering to each other "She has no idea we're directing this at her!! HEHE!!" I'm not jumping to conclusions here, I know they were talking about me. And it doesn't even bother me that bad, I'm so over all of it! I'm just counting the months til I can leave, and do the job I've always dreamed of doing.

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