Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Halls Mentho-lyptus Cherry Flavor

That's what I've been eating all day. I have another sore throat! Apparently, the sore throat I had over the weekend was not in fact allergies, like I'd thought. D informed me last night he now has a sore throat...and now I have one again. It's even swollen, which makes it a bit hard to breathe. So that pretty much sucks. D said I should have warned him, so he would have stayed away and not gotten it. HELLO!!! How could I not have warned him? Everybody knows I love to complain. I don't knowingly do it, but complaints flow out of my mouth along with the rest of my verbal diarea. Gawd that's an awful term isn't it? Verbal diarea? Am I even spelling diarea right??? Anyway...I talk a LOT, and I have a lot to complain about, so complaints are just a part of my everyday life. I complain that I'm tired repeatedly, annoying the crap out of my mom more than she lets on. I complain that my hips hurt, or my arms ache, or my head hurts, or my stomach, or I'm constipated, or my throat hurts..... Ok in my defense, I'm not that healthy of a person. I DO have a lot to complain about. I have physical issues that most people don't. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't have some life-threatening disease (thank God) but I do have a lot of medical issues. And part of my way of dealing with them is to complain a lot. So, how on EARTH did he not know my throat hurt when he spent the whole weekend with me?? Has he really learned to tune me out that well after 8 years of putting up with my whininess?? Is that even a word?? Anyway...it's his fault for ignoring my complaints. Bet he won't do that again! HEHE! So anyway...now my throat hurts again, so here I am complaining about it. I'm convinced I get sick so much because of my compromised immune system. I have psoriasis(only on my scalp thank GOD, and it's not gross like it can be...) and that is an immune disorder. That explains why I have such a hard time healing too. Which explains why I'm so terrified of being injured. Anyway. So I'm sick again, that sucks. Oh while we're on the topic...I have been drinking tons of water today, way more than usual. I'm almost done with my 3rd big glass, and I had a big glass of caffiene free tea at lunch. And I don't feel like I need to pee at all. ???? How weird is that??

On a more positive note, my friend is coming over tonight to see us, YAY!! Don't worry, I'm not like coughing and hacking, she won't get my cold. It's just a sore throat. And I'm tired. Anyway, it's a good thing I cleaned last night. Apparently my friend J and I had made plans for tonight a long time ago, and I didnn't remember! She emailed me today and asked if she could still come over. My house is clean, sure come right on over!! She's all excited to see Hailey too, which I feel bad about...Hailey doesn't know her, she's not going to go right up to her and start talking. She'll sit on my lap, mum's the word until J leaves and she'll let loose being the little sassy monkey that she is. Speaking of monkeys, Hailey was jumping on the couch last night! I mean not holding on, both feet coming off the couch, flying up in the air everywhere jumping. It was hilarious, but so dangerous! I finally got desperate after she demanded I leave her the heck after I repeatedly tried to protect her from falling...and got out her Jumperoo. She sat in it watching Shrek...she acted like it was some funky hammock. She did not, however, jump. Anyway, it should be a fun night tonight.

We've started sort of looking for new places around town to move. Once D graduates this coming May who knows where we'll end up for him to be able to get a job. So we can't renew our lease on the townhouse I've grown to love and Hailey has become comfortable in. We have to renew in February, but our lease isn't up until July! So if we renew then find out in June we have to move away, we're screwed on our lease. They won't break it. But it sucks because if we don't renew and he finds a job here in town, we still have to move. It sucks either way basically. But the prospect of moving to a new(hopefully bigger) place is excited. We have 1200 sqft now w/ 2 beds 2 baths, but we have no storage space. My mom's boss owns rental properties over by my mom, 3 beds w/ garages! For only 50$ more than what we're paying now! Course that doesn't include cable like the place we're at, but still. Without daycare costs we should be able to afford that easy...you'd think anyway. We'll see.

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