Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am so stinking proud!!

You will not believe what Hailey did tonight! I have this book that was MY very first book ever from when I was a baby. It's a book called My Puppy, by Florence Sarah Winship. Well when I was getting ready to read to Hailey tonight to put her to bed, she was sitting on her bedroom floor and picked up this book. I asked her to please read it to mommy. And she did! I mean not word for word, but she would turn to each page and say something along the lines of what each page said! Like the first page says "He can run." and she said "He run"...then the next page says "He can play" and it's got a little ducky on it so she said "He can pay duck". Then she turned the page and it says "He can bark." so she said "He bark"...then at the very end it just says My Puppy and she said that! I am not kidding! I am so excited. I mean I know she obviously most likely isn't looking at the words and reading them of course, I mean she is only 16 months old..but she remembers what each page SAYS. She's not just naming things on the pages, she's actually remembering what each page says from what I read to her. Now I know how my dad felt when I could recite each page of Chicken Little when I was 3. He swore up and down I could read. And I just think it's so special that she loves this book so much, when it was my first book and I've took such great care over the years even when I was little, to save this book for my kids. How neat is that??

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