Monday, August 20, 2007


You'd think I'd learn my lesson after last time I lost my post, right??? NOPE...I hate this wireless internet my FIL installed...I don't care if he did work for the phone company for years, he doesn't know what he's doing!! Ok so here's my lame attempt to retype my post...

Tonight was a really good night. I FINALLY got our master bathroom cleaned, YEA!! Not like anybody really cares, but I'm so stinking excited. I got the litter box moved to the corner over by the shower stall that we're now using for storage. We never use it anyway to shower, and we're really short on storage, you can't even take a shower in there without coming out deaf anyway. That's the one that I broke the shower head off of, remember the one that pegged me in the forehead and left a nasty bruise? Well now it emits this loud shrieking sound while the waters on, and it does not go away. Anyway, I cloroxed that whole bathroom. I think I used half a container of Clorox Wipes. I got down on my hands and knees and did the floor, the toilet, the vanity, even the walls. By moving the litter box, I was able to put my pretty blue rug down and we should now be able to use the toilet without having litter stuck to our feet, EW!! Love my cat, hate her litter box. So gross. The whole time I was doing this Hailey kept running up and asking me "all done?" and I'd tell her "almost" so she'd run off saying "almost done!" And D was amazing, helping me out here and there and playing with Hailey a bunch. I did so much tonight that I shouldn't have to do much tomorrow night, except maybe a load of towels and I have to give Hailey a bath. Other than that I should be able to just relax and enjoy my family!!

Oh and by the way, I'm feeling quite a bit better now. Still really tired, but not sick or dizzy like I was earlier.

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