Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it....

WOW I am in a weird mood today. A very good mood, silly, excited, crazy....great mood! First off, this is my last day in the poo hole, YEAH!!! And I don't have to work a full day...DOUBLE YEAH!! Because this is my last day here, ever, I don't have to worry about how many hours I got in this week, or what work I got done today. It's a free for all, I can do whatever I want and nobody can get onto me, YEAH! So right now I'm doing checks, because yea I'm such a rebel...sigh...but I'm taking my time and I'm blogging and oh wait, that's nothing different... yea I told you I'm in a weird mood. So anyway, I also called this place about a medical bill today because I got a statement for $314 from when hubby went to the ER back in January. I called to set up a payment plan and the girl kind of giggled and said "but the balance is only $43!" Excuse me?? I told her what my statement said, and she said the insurance paid more on it and it must have crossed in the mail with that payment. They're sending me another statement for the $43 and I can just pay that when I get it. Awesome. I am thousands and thousands of dollars in debt between hospital/medical bills and freaking credit cards etc. because of hubby being in school. So this was great news. I'm also excited because H's daycare goes down after next week! Only one more week of paying $150. It only goes down to $125, but hey that means we're $100 less short than we were per month! I called my MIL Wednesday night bawling, I was so stressed about money because I got that stupid bill in the mail for $314. She's great, she calmed me down and gave me a new perspective on things. I hate money. back to the fact that I'm leaving here, after today I will no longer be an employee here!! I feel like I should be sad...I should be thinking this is my last day here ever, my last day at my desk, my last day using the microwaves in the kitchen, my last day taking a pee in the poo-strewn bathroom. But I'm sorry, I'm just excited... I packed up my stuff 2 days ago. I'm all ready to personalize my new work space at my shiny new job. Speaking of my new job, my new boss just called me to get a 4 digit number from me for my new security code to get in the building. He told me to "take it easy" before we got off the phone. I think I'm really going to like that place.

I don't know if I'm on a sugar high from this chocolate chocolate chip muffin a coworker made me, or what.

I'm going to lunch with my friend MM again today...went to lunch with her and another friend Monday. But MM is really sad I'm leaving her after all these years and she took this afternoon off so we're going to do lunch again. She's all paranoid I'm going to forget about her once I'm at the new job and never talk to her again. She told me I'm required 5 emails a day to her. It sucks because she lives in a different town, so we hardly ever get to get together aside from work. But we'll just have to now...

I'm finally starting to realize that I had a baby. I'm a breeder....and I don't mean that in a bad way. But I mean, I actually had a baby...I contributed to the human population. I made a person, that is going to grow up and have her own life and have her own babies. You have to understand, I did not plan on having a baby for at least a few more years, I was not only completely shocked that I could even get pregnant(because all my life for some reason I just really felt like I would never be able to have a baby...I have no idea why, except maybe it was just a fear because I knew I wanted children so badly) but when I had the baby I was completely shocked at the fact that I had this baby to take care of, that I just wasn't prepared for. I feel totally blessed that God gave me a child, and blessed that I'm able to get pregnant and grow a perfectly healthy baby. It's just amazing...I'm a mom...I'm in the "parent" group now. I'm no longer one of those women that can't give parenting advice, or one of those women that "moms" ignore...people actually ask me parenting advice, listen when I talk about pregnancy or birth etc. And my daughter is amazing, she's so bright and perfect and she's always in the best mood, giving me smiles and hugs. Last night she was sitting in her chair eating peas on the living room floor and she started fussing like she wanted out of her chair. So I cleaned her off, thinking she was done. She climbed into my lap, leaned over and continued eating her peas, smearing pea goo all over my pants in the process. She just wanted to sit in my lap. I love moments like that. I love being a mom!!

Oh yea, and TGIF!!!

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