Sunday, April 15, 2007

All better

Hailey is doing much better. My mom gave her a bath last night as I cleaned out her crib, and then by that time after having my hands in puke for so long I was feeling incredibly nauseous myself. I already had a headache so bad it was almost a migraine, and then feeling nauseous...needless to say my mom rocked her back to sleep while I laid down so I didn't throw up myself. But we aren't sick, thank God. Hailey just had too much rich food to eat too close to bedtime. At her birthday dinner at Applebee's(my inlaws took us all to dinner for her birthday) she had mozz. cheese sticks(yes I know, not that healthy), mac n cheese, ice cream they brought her because it was her birthday and then a bottle at bedtime. She doesn't usually eat so much crap like that, usually it's healthy foods like veggies and cheese and noodles or rice. I guess I learned my lesson, her little tummy just can't handle stuff like that all at once. But once she got it out of her system she was fine. She went right back to sleep and I laid in bed trying to feel better myself. My mom's an early riser anyway, so she was already up when Hailey woke up this morning. So YAY I got to sleep in!! Actually I woke up when she woke up at 8:30, got back to sleep 15 minutes later, woke up again at 9:45 or so and was up til about 10:45 tossing and turning in bed trying to get back to sleep. And finally got up at 11:30 for good, and of course by then Hailey had fallen back to sleep. She finally woke up and I fed her lunch and my inlaws came over. My FIL watched Hailey while my MIL and I went shopping for her party supplies for her first birthday party this coming Saturday. Oh my gosh we got the cutest stuff! We found this really cute theme that's pink and purple w/ lady bugs and butterflies and it says Happy 1st Birthday. My MIL bought everything, they are so wonderful! We even found a sippy cup that matched the theme, and a vinyl bib and a yard sign, and my MIL said she just HAD to have it all! We also looked for things for my FIL's retirement party that's on May 1. We found a lot of neat stuff and I have to brag on myself for a second here because I don't toot my own horn very often...but I had some AWESOME ideas for his party. Seriously if I had the time and there was a market for it in this semi-small town, I'd be a party planner in a heartbeat. I rock at it. I told her how to do all the tables and had a lot of really neat favor ideas etc. to incorporate all of his interests into the tropical beachy theme she wants to do. I can't wait! And I can't wait for this weekend, D will be home all weekend and Hailey's party is going to be so great! Now I just have to get this house absolutely wonderfully amazing mother cleaned my kitchen up this evening. She cleaned out my fridge(that had been stressing me out for a couple weeks, SO glad that's done) and everything is all clean now! Hailey had a great day playing with Papa, ate just fine, never acted fussy or threw up a bit and even took 2 really good naps. And she was SO SO SO happy to see her momma when we got home from shopping, it was so sweet :o) She is still asking for D though, which breaks my heart. She'll point at the front door and ask for him, or pick up the phone and act like she's talking to him. Thank God he only has hopefully 1 tournament left before the season's over. We'll all be so relieved. His last tournament is in FL, for 5 freaking days. That's going to suck. Anyway, that was our day!

I haven't had hardly any time to blog anymore, or check email or anything, it sucks! I love my new job though, so it's totally worth it. I'm getting even more money than I thought I was, how awesome is that...and I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow...I must be crazy?? I am so tired all the time though, because I have to get up an hour and a half earlier to get there on time now. And I'm still going to bed so late. So even when I do get a few minutes to get on the net, even if I do have time to read blogs, I rarely have time to comment. I am still here, just not as much and oh so tired.

And by the way, Hailey's birthday was kind of funky...she was in a really funky sassy crabby mood all day, I think she was just really tired but she refused to take a nap. She had a few meltdowns...I'm talking planting her face on the floor laying on her belly kicking her legs and screaming, right in the middle of the mall, kind of meltdowns. But hey it's her birthday and she can cry if she wants to, right? Well she did, and she also hit me a few times when I was trying to kiss her or talk to her. But she also got to ride the carousel at the mall and she got a horse stamp on her hand which she thought was really cool. She got to go shoe shopping which she also thought was really cool(she loves shoes, and loves trying on different shoes and wearing shoes...she got a pair of clear jelly sandals from the cute) and she got a miniature box of green tea which she sucked on the entire time we were in the mall. Yes I'm aware she's a little odd, but hey look at who her mom is :o) At least we'll have good stories for her when she gets older, about her first birthday. And she did wake up to a wonderful pretty balloon waiting for her in the living room from her daddy...she thought that was pretty darn cool. And she'll have a great party next weekend!

Alright, off to tired. Oh wait, gotta finish this load of laundry first...grrr...

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Mof2 said...

Glad to hear Hailey is feeling better. I know those fits all too well. Pumpkin throws them often, if she misses a nap. The love of shoes must be a total girl thing. Everytime we go anywhere within 15 feet of a pair of shoes, Pumpkin points and starts saying "momma momma", until she can get her hands on them..