Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's getting friggin hot!

We went to the park with my 2 sisters, stepmom, 2 nephews and my niece today. Hailey did NOT want to sit in the shade(I am ultra-paranoid she's going to get a sunburn even though I slather her with sunscreen every 3o minutes) she wanted to get up and run around and play. But it's getting so hot here! Ok 76 degrees doesn't sound that hot. But it is, when the sun is beating down on you and you're carrying a toddler around everywhere and wearing jeans because you hate showing your legs...SIGH...anyway. It was fun. Hailey loved it, she had a blast. She loved the slide. And so much for not posting pics, because I know I've posted some here and there of her. I do try not to show her face like full frontal or anything, I'm still paranoid. But what the hey, I'll post a couple pics from the day... first off, I have to be self centered and talk about myself here for a second...I cropped this pic off another pic of Hailey, because I noticed when I looked at this picture that I have definately lost more weight. I thought I had, because my pants are falling off of me...the size 2's and 3's for crying out loud...I thought I had just stretched them out. Apparently not. I guess I need to weigh myself. I guess that just goes to show you what NOT having a snack machine at work and your work providing free Culligan water can result in. Oh yea and not pigging out on cereal all night :o)


Hmm, now that I look at it again I realize you can't see much other than my arms and the fact that I look boobless. Oh well. It's not like you wanted to see my butt anyway, with my jeans sagging off to where it makes me look like I dumped in my pants w/ my underwear sticking out the top...CLASSY aren't I??? Yea well I'm just me.

And here's my cutie on her favorite slide...she insisted on going down it over and over again, saying "wee!" all the way down. She loves it.


Now Hailey's napping...she's got a cold. She was fine earlier, not hardly coughing at all but as the day went on her nose started running and she started coughing, so we brought her home and put her to bed. I can hear her wheezing. I'm getting scared that she's inherited the family asthma. She's always got this constant cough off and on. Speaking of coughing, she's coughing again...sigh...what can I do for her??? Does anybody know of anything that helps really well??

My aunt gave Hailey a 15$ gift card to Target for her birthday, so we took her shopping today. We bought her this Playskool Busy Ball Popper toy, she plays with it at the sitters all the time and LOVES it. You push this red button and it plays music and pops the balls out the top. D just finished putting it together and putting batteries in it, she'll have a blast playing with it when she wakes up. Hopefully she'll be in a good mood. My sister's on her way over to bring me a picture of her boyfriend. I think they're his professional military pictures. He's coming home SOON, like within a week or something, we're all so freaking excited! When he gets back to MO we're having a big barbecue for him. He hasn't seen Hailey since before our wedding, she was only a couple months old the last time he saw her! He's seen pictures over MySpace the whole time he's been gone, but he can't wait to see her in person and play with her.

We watched this show on Food Network last night about hot dogs...and now I'm craving a hot dog, with relish and mustard MMMM....I may have to send D to the store. Except he'll come back with the most expensive hot dogs he can find and WonderBread buns and spend like 20$...he does NOT know how to shop cheap.

Well my sister's here, gotta run! Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!

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Wendy said...

You look great! Glad that you all had a great time at the park!