Saturday, April 7, 2007

Update on the post below...

Ok this is exactly what I used...

1 package of chicken breasts, frozen
2 cans of Milder Rotel
1 large jar of thick and chunky mild salsa
2 cans of black beans, w/ that little bit of liquid drained off
1 cup of water

I put all this in the crock pot on low all day, then when I got home from work it basically looked like a chicken soup because it was so watery...the chicken was so tender it just fell apart though! I turned it up to high, tore open a bag of minute rice and dumped that in there and let it cook. It sucked all the juice right up and made it perfect to eat w/ chips! We added some sour cream to our bowls, and voila! It was so good!! Everybody loved it! Thanks, girl from Florida!!


Wendy said...

That sounds really good! What is Milder Rotel?

Tuesday Girl said...

what is rotel?