Thursday, April 19, 2007

Please get better

Hailey is still sick. She was fine all day yesterday, and then this evening she wouldn't eat and had a diarea diaper and then threw up twice. Thank God my mom was here so she could help me deal with anyway she's still sick. So we cancelled her party for this weekend, we're just going to have it after D gets done with this semester of school...that way she'll be more rested and well and be able to enjoy her party. I just wish she'd get better, I hate seeing my poor baby get sick like this. And she's so tired. And I cannot take off work, I just started this job...I just can't. And that breaks my heart. I shouldn't have to choose between my daughter and my job. It's just not fair. She is of course most important, but she's not throwing up during the day and seems to feel/act just fine...if I was still at the hell hole I'd take off in a heartbeat just to spend the day with her. But I can't do that now. She'll be ok, I know she will. But it's horrible to see your baby sick. And know I can't make her better... :o(

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Normalgirl said...

Man, that's awful. I'm sorry! I'll come out and take care of her, k?