Friday, April 20, 2007

How's this for random

First off, someone asked about the shooting that happened close to here. Two cars full of teens/20 somethings were at an intersection about a mile or so from my house, if that even, on a very busy road. They began exchanging gunfire. A 17 year old was shot. The car he was in fled a few miles down another road where they were stopped by cops for driving too close to a car in front of them. The officer saw the boy in the passenger seat had been shot and radio'd for backup. They then stopped the other car around the original spot that the shooting occured. The 17 year old died. I live in a good area. And this happened right down the road. We aren't safe anywhere anymore. And what gets me is there were all these reports on the news with his family and friends saying the kid that died was such a good kid, such a wonderful kid...but yet he'd been arrested 15 17 years old...and was shooting at people. But yea he was a great kid...come on! I'm sorry if I seem un-sympathetic. I'm sorry he had to die. But if he wasn't stupid enough to get involved in something like that, he'd still be alive now wouldn't he. And he along with all his other buddies and rivals shouldn't have put other people in danger like that. How freaking selfish can a person be. And what's more, what on earth was so horrible that they had to go and shoot at each other? Seriously? Oh and here's another tidbit of info on these "good kids"...the driver of the car that the 17 year old was riding in was 20 years old and had been arrested 60 times already. 60 times! How does that even happen?? I'm sorry if this sounds harsh. But all I can think about is my daughter. What if we were sitting there at that stoplight. What if a bullet went astray and instead of hitting that hoodlum it hit my daughter...I'm sorry but I have no sympathy for those kids.

Ok onto other things...Hailey threw up twice last night, once on my mom's lap and once after we'd just gotten her cleaned up and got her new jammies on. She didn't have any diarea today, and she hasn't thrown up so far tonight and she's been in bed about an hour. Wish us luck. I hope she's better. I feel so bad for her, she's so tired and she keeps losing out on sleep when she wakes up and throws up. It doesn't seem like the throwing up really bothers her, it's just the lack of sleep. We cancelled her birthday party for tomorrow and we're just going to have a nice restful low key weekend.

I still love my new job. I've already gotten close to some of the girls. Preggo and I can already talk about we had a conversation about diarea and constipation. :o) I'm so glad I'm fitting in there! Today the only reason I saw my boss at all was because I had to ask him a question about a deposit I was keying...the account code wasn't in the system. Complete opposite of the crap my old boss put me through. She was always up my ass. I love it, I am so happy there!

I am so tired. I'm just worn out. I had a really heavy/late period this month even though I'm on the pill...I think it's sapping my energy...that and I've gotten like no sleep and I've been trying to get crap ready at home for a party that isn't going to happen now. I'm just so tired. My body is achy and worn out. Oh yea and I have another small cold, BLAH...hopefully next week we'll ALL feel better...oh yea hubby has a bad cold too. You know how men are, when they're sick they're OH SO pitiful. I made him go to the dr. today, he doesn't have strep. He still went to school and golf practice. He seems to be feeling better now. He told me he'll get up with Hailey tomorrow morning so I can sleep til 11:30, but then he's got golf practice at 1:30 because his stupid coach doesn't understand why anyone would ever want to spend any time with family...grrr...then Sunday I'll get up with her so he can go turkey hunting that morning with his friend. I'm so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. YAY!!

I've been thinking about a few things for days and haven't had time to write about them. When I was younger I used to love going to garage sales with my grandma and aunt. We had so much fun. One time I found a floppy stuffed dog, that I still have to this day and treasure like he's alive. Another time I found something that looked like a box of chocolates. It even had pictures of chocolates on the top. It said "Miniatures for Emergencies." Inside the box, in the little cups, were mini rolls of toilet paper! On little mini toilet paper rolls! How cute is that?!?! Ok I have always loved miniature things...everything tiny is so cute. I used to love those shadow boxes that you'd fill with tons of little mini things. I have no idea where this box of mini TPs came from, or what ever happened to it, but I've always thought that was such a funny idea.

Another thing I've been thinking about...nursery rhymes. Specifically, the inappropriatedness of many rhymes for young children. Such as "Boom Boom Ain't It Great to be Crazy" of the versus says something along the lines of "Went to a picture show by myself, sat in the very back row and wrapped my arms around my so fresh I slapped my face!" And another called "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze" talks about how the daring young man sneezed or something and fell and died, and boy isn't that horrible because you can't swing underground! Hailey got a Toddler Songs CD for her birthday, and I've decided half the songs on the CD are totally inappropriate. And what baffles me, is they'll sing about things like that, and they sing songs where a boy tells a girl "marry me and I'll share half my paychecks with you for the rest of my life" but yet in the song "The Animal Fair" they say the monkey bumped a skunk, when the version I always heard growing up said the monkey he got drunk... ok if you're going to talk about getting fresh with yourself in the theater, how horrible it is to be dead, and realities like sharing paychecks...why sensor the drunken monkey???

I'll leave you with the lyrics to The Animal Fair, in case anyone has never heard it. Unfortunately you'll have to imagine your own tune...and by the way this is Hailey's favorite song in the whole wide world...the only thing that used to get her to stop crying when she was little, and it has always made her giggle...she does not, however, like "Joy to the World" in which we sing about Jeremiah the bullfrog, which was one of my favorite songs growing up, so that kind of makes me sad...anyway, here they are...

We went to the animal fair
The birds and the beasts were there
The big baboon by the light of the moon
Was combing his auburn hair
The monkey he got drunk
He sat on the elephants trunk
The elephant SNEEEEEEZED!
And fell to his KNEEEEEEEEEES!
And that was the end of the monk the monk the monk

Ok while I'm at it I have to add that another thing Hailey absolutely loves, and it makes her giggle every single gosh darn time I do it...and she even claps every single time I'm done and then grabs my hands to make me do it again and again and a little ditty that I saw on a video on I think's a cat that somebody has posed and taken pictures of, and he's dancing and it says this little ditty...she loves it. All I do is grab her hands and make her "dance" and say "cat, I'm a kitty cat, and I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance"(repeated twice) "I, do, funny, things to myself when I'm, daaaaaaancing" and on that last part when I say "dancing" I shake my voice and jiggle her little body and she just goes nuts. It may be on youtube. Actually on the video the cat says "I do sexy things to myself when I'm dancing" but of course I edited that to make it G rated. :o) Alright I'm off to bed, I've bored you enough for one evening!!


Kristin said...

The cat video sounds hysterical.

Glad the new job is still going great & I hope Hailey feels better soon!

Wendy said...

I am so happy that your job is going well! It must be such a relief to actually enjoy your job!